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Kayla Harrison – First Judo Gold Medal Winner From USA

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by

Olympics… gotta love it!  As someone who sells martial arts mats, judo mats and wrestling mats for a living I never understood why judo didn’t get more coverage here in the United States?  Maybe that’s because before today the USA has never won a gold medal in Judo?  Well, thanks to Kayla Harrison who won the first Olympic Gold medal in judo for the USA in the women’s 78-kilogram title, that will no longer be the case.  Kayla is a 22-year-old with an inspirational story.

As a teenager Harrison tried to run away from home and considered suicide after suffering in silence through three years of sexual abuse at the hands of her first competitive judo coach.  Thank goodness, Kayla got a second chance at judo… and life.

She moved from a small town in Ohio to a suburb of Boston and became part of an elite judo program.  Her coach, Jimmy Pedro, a two-time Olympic medalist said “The American media have really embraced her. They followed her. They’re going to eat her up from here until forever.  She’s a good, good person. Cares about other people. Always willing to give back. She has an attitude of gratitude. And there’s nobody more deserving than her to climb to the top of podium.  She never skips a practice, she never skips a run, a lift.”

In an effort to inspire others from suffering as she did, Harrison has talked openly about her past.  She now hopes to inspire others to give judo.  ”I hope that America loves my story and hopefully a little girl or a little boy sees it and says, ‘Wow, mom I want to do that,’” Kayla said.

Way to go Kayla Harrison!

Rubber Swing Mats – Playground Slide Mats

Posted on: October 20th, 2011 by

Rubber Swing Mats - Playground Slide MatA simple solution that prevents erosion, prevents water from pooling and keeps your play area looking great are rubber swing mats and/or a playground slide mat.

Swing sets are great for kids, but they are not always so great for your landscaping.  As kids swing, their feet scrape on the ground under the swing, destroying the ground cover and making the ground under the swing unlevel.  These areas tend to accumulate water, adding to the deterioration and unattractiveness of the area. Well, there is now a solution, place a 3’ x 3’ x 2” thick rubber swing mat under the swing.

When using playground equipment slides are one of the hottest attractions.  However, as kids slide down a slide they gradually push away the ground cover at the bottom of the slide, which can make that landing area unattractive and lead to erosion. The area collects water, which adds to the deterioration and unattractiveness of the area. The solution?  Simply place a rubber slide mat at the bottom of the slide.

These mats are ideal for playgrounds or home use.  They are made of 100% recycled rubber providing a non-slip surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

Logo Door Mats

Posted on: October 5th, 2011 by

Logo Door Mats for office, retail or restaurantLogo door mats are ideal for any place of business.  Whether you are a restaurant owner, the owner of a retail store or a hair salon you will undoubtedly purchase a door mat for the entry of your establishment.  So, why not let entry mats do a little advertising for you too?Â

There are many different options when it comes to custom logo mats.  The mats that are designed exclusively for outdoor use are typically made entirely of rubber.  Generally your color options and logo design options are very limited on these types of entrance mats.  There are usually limited sizes available as well.

That being said, most businesses purchase entrance mats that are placed on the inside of the entry.  The logo mats for this use is typically a vinyl or rubber backed mat with a carpeted to surface (rubber backing being preferred due to better durability).  Most manufacturers of these types of mats are able to produce the logo in virtually any colors and almost any design.  The mats can be a combination of colors and a large selection of mat sizes (and even custom sizes) are available.

A minimum quantity of mats is not required – you can order a single logo mat.  The mats are generally a very inexpensive way to protect the floors at your entrance, prevent excess dirt and debris from entering your establishment and market your business at the same time.

Discounted Yoga Mats for Studios, Clubs/Gyms and Schools

Posted on: September 23rd, 2011 by

Eco Yoga Mats In Bulk For Instructors, Studios, Clubs and GymsTrying to find a yoga mat today is not difficult.  Yoga mats can be found everywhere today. However, if you are looking to get discounted yoga mats by purchasing yoga mats in bulk, then your task might become a little more difficult.  Now if you wanted something that is also eco-friendly and affordable your search becomes even harder. 

Well, search no more, because we are sure to have exactly what you want.  Our selection includes discounted pricing on yoga studio mats in 8-packs or 12-packs and yoga mat seconds in quantities of 12.  All of the mats are 100% latex free and are eco friendly yoga mats made from CleanPVC.  A CleanPVC eco yoga mat is made of Polymer Environmental Resin (PER) and does NOT have toxic phthalates, furans, dioxins or heavy metals.  The production process is also ecologically safer, which is better for the workers and the environment. 

In addition to the many yoga instructors and yoga studios that have been purchasing these mats for years, they are also being used throughout the country at schools, wellness centers, clubs and gyms. Try our yoga studio mats or yoga mat seconds today.

College and NFL Area Rugs and Mats For the Football Fanatic In You

Posted on: September 22nd, 2011 by

NFL Rugs and College Football Area RugsAre you ready for some football?  That’s right, football season is back. Relaxing on a Saturday and watching college football games or hanging out on a Sunday watching NFL games just can’t be beat.  That’s the life I tell you.

If you feel the way I do and you love watching football on the weekends with friends and family then you may want to consider getting college football area rugs or NFL area rugs and make it official. Leave no question as to what team(s) you support.

These college rugs, college floor mats and NFL rugs are offered in many different sizes and often with a selection of team logos. There is sure to be a mat with your favorite NFL team logo, college logo or college mascot and possibly even an entire football field area rug.
Sports mats are a decorative and practical way to display your team spirit at home or at the office.  These mats and area rugs are also a great gift idea for friends or family members who are sports enthusiasts. Sports mats can be used as area rugs, bedside rugs, door mats, bathroom mats, entry mats, or as game room or play room rugs.  If you are someone who goes to the football games to watch live, then you can use these as tailgate area rugs.

Antifatigue Matting: Be More Productive and Safer at the Same Time

Posted on: September 22nd, 2011 by

Antifatigue Matting for the workplaceIf you are a business owner or manager the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to get your employees to work harder, make less mistakes and be safer at the same time may be antifatigue matting. 

Anti fatigue mats make the workplace more productive and safer by:

1. When workers are standing in one place for long periods of time back pain often results. Anti fatigue mats can eliminate or reduce the back pain and stress caused by standing for long periods of time.

2. Productivity is always a factor in the workplace. Fatigue mats can increase productivity by providing comfort to workers while they are doing their job.

3. When people are tired they tend to make more mistakes and more injuries often occur.  An anti fatigue floor mat can help prevent these mistakes, injuries and fatigue.

4. A padded mat or runner for workers to stand on can also provide unintended benefits, like a reduction in the glass and material that breaks when anything falls on the mats instead of the hard floor.

5. Antifatigue Matting at work will also help reduce the slip and fall injuries.  In fact, many insurance companies promote matting as one of the best solutions to slip and fall problems.

So, if you are an employee or owner of a factory, manufacturing facility, retail store or any other workplace where you or your employees are standing on your feet for long periods of time, anti fatigue matting is for you.  In short, these mats are the quickest and most affordable way to increase safety, reduce injuries and relieve employee fatigue and stress.

Posted on: September 22nd, 2011 by

Lightweight Wrestling Mats for Home Use, Gym, Club or SchoolWrestling Mats, Martial Arts Mats and/or high-end exercise mats are extremely expensive.  They are also generally heavy and difficult to transport or store.  There is now a new product on the market, Liteweight Wrestling Mats. These mats are manufactured in the USA with an exclusive, hot sprayed, polyvinyl paint coating. This provides a long-lasting and durable surface with the look, feel, and durability of a traditional mat surface. The 1-5/8” closed cell, cross-linked, polyethylene foam is ideal for absorbing impact and the flexible tambour slits on the bottom side allow for easy set-up.

These are currently the only wrestling mats to offer built in Microban® antimicrobial protection, which is designed to help protect the mat surface from the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.  As a testament to the quality and durability of these mats, when purchased you receive a 3-year manufacturer guarantee.

All these characteristics make this an ideal wrestling mat for home use, club or anywhere else you want to practice, especially if portability and storage are a concern.  Lightweight wrestling mats make a great wrestling mat for kids or adults alike.

Trade Show Floor – AntiFatigue Flooring That Looks Great Too!

Posted on: September 21st, 2011 by

Trade Show FlooringCustomers who are upset let you know it, but if someone is extremely happy with a product or service they generally don’t let you know it.  That wasn’t the case for  One customer, Jeffrey of ShelfGenie – Boston, wrote:

I recently purchased a 10×20 wood foam floor [wood film laminate] for our ShelfGenie HomeShow display trade show booth flooring.

We exhibited this at the Suburban Boston Home Show in Wilmington, Massachusetts.  The show was a great success.  Thousands of people came by our booth over a 3 day period, and hundreds of them walked on your floor to spend some time with us.  Several hundred more took a break from walking on the concrete floor and greatly appreciated resting their sore feet on the mat. 

We lost count of the number of people who asked us where we got our trade show floor.  It was at least several dozen – both consumers and other exhibitors.

The response to our booth flooring was so strong that it prompted me to write.

Michael Vick’s Former Home has been converted to a dog haven… What???

Posted on: September 10th, 2011 by

That’s right, a Pennsylvania animal rights group bought Michael Vick’s house and transformed it into a rehabilitation center for dogs.

The newly opened Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs in rural Surry County is currently the home for nine dogs, and five more expected in the weeks ahead, said Thayne, founder and chief executive officer of Dogs Deserve Better Inc., which runs the center.

What does any of this have to do with mats?  Dogs Deserve Better received a $10,000 grant to make the house more dog-friendly. They installed rubber flooring, added a dog door, bought tarps and fencing for yard areas so some dogs could stay outside during the day. All of the dogs sleep inside at night.  The carpeting has been removed from the living room and master bedroom floors and replaced with sealed rubber flooring, frequently used in veterinarian offices and as doggy daycare flooring.

This used to be the home of Michael Vick’s dog-fighting operation called Bad Newz Kennels. Vick was at the peak of his career with the Atlanta Falcons when he pleaded guilty to federal felony conspiracy charges related to the dog-fighting ring in August of 2007.  He served almost two years in federal prison, followed by two months of in-home confinement, before he began rebuilding his football career as a Philadelphia Eagle.  Michael Vick is now the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and is supposed to be one of the top performing quarterbacks in the NFL this year.

Woven Rubber Door Mat

Posted on: June 17th, 2011 by

Woven Rubber Door MatA woven rubber door mat is a beautiful, durable and eco friendly solution when you are in need of front door mats.  Door mats made in USA from tire scraps.  So, when you purchase this mat, you can feel good about yourself knowing that you are helping to keep tires out of landfills across America.

These woven outdoor door mats are made from 100% durable recycled rubber construction making them ideal for outside entrances.  The molded designs act as scrapers to remove heavy dirt and soil from shoes and provide an excellent anti-slip surface.  These mats don’t move around as much as many of the smaller door mats tend to do, because the extra heavy base keeps the door mat in place.  Maintenance is also extremely easy – to clean you can just shake or hose off as needed.

Some ideal places to use rubber entrance mats are at outdoor entrances to a home or an office. 

The Woven Rubber Entry Mats offer everything most Americans search for when making a purchase:
- Quality and Durability at a Low Cost
- Good for the Environment and
- Made in USA