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Door Mats

Posted on: June 29th, 2010 by

door matsYou might not think there’s much to door mats.  Most people probably think of a front door or welcome mat as being a flat, boring, rectangular piece of rubber, or a fuzzy, scruffy section of material that is unattractive and there only to wipe off their feet, and to be (generally) ignored the rest of the time.  Don’t you, now, when you stop to think about it, think that most people probably don’t even wash or clean their own front door mats?

Maybe it’s just me, but until I started learning about these fantastic mats available today, I always thought ornate or decorative door mats was kind of a silly investment, and that most of them were much too expensive.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Recycled rubber door mats, for instance, are not only tough, durable, and practical; they’re also good looking, spacious, provide non-slip qualities, and help protect expensive flooring indoors by providing an excellent surface for wiping feet on porches and in breezeways.

Trade Show Flooring

Posted on: June 29th, 2010 by

trade show flooringThere are a number of different flooring types that qualify as trade show flooring. You have trade show booth flooring with a faux wood finish, there’s soft top that looks and feels an awful lot like foam tiles you’ve surely seen in a variety of flooring environments.

Then, there’s SoftCarpet [a trademark product] that typically comes in foam, interlocking tiles, that has a carpet top, but doesn’t have that “concrete underneath” feel, as these foam tiles do provide anti-fatigue characteristics you might not have been seeking while shopping for trade show flooring for your expo or other exhibit.

The soft, durable, shock-absorbing feel helps to relieve strain on the lower back and joints in the feet and legs, while providing protection against falls or breakage of precious items dropped.

Yoga Mats

Posted on: June 29th, 2010 by

yoga mats and suppliesFinding—and purchasing—yoga mats and other yoga props doesn’t have to be a hassle or big mystery, even for the beginner.  You can find everything you need to get off to a good start in an enjoyable way of life, which includes yoga, right here.  You can start off with a basic, beginner’s yoga exercise mat, and then eventually advance to incorporating yoga bolsters, yoga paws, and other accessories.

As yoga becomes a part of your everyday living, you might want to look into utilizing some meditation to help establish a more peaceful state of mind and disposition.  In that case, you would probably enjoy some nice, silk, meditation cushions to sit on while calming your self with meditative practices.  And if you’re at all of the mind towards being “green,” you’ll be glad to know most of these mats are Latex-free, and many of them are also eco-friendly as well, if you’d like to continue to do your part to help the earth’s ecology.

Portable Ballet Bars

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

children's play matsIf you have a child who is in ballet, and would like to enable him or her to practice at home, then you really need to look into buying a portable ballet barre [bar]; the types of stretches, and exercises, such as plies [pronounced “plee-yay”] can only be executed correctly at the barre, and the portable model shown here is really the way to go. Wall mounted ballet bars are also available for installation, in either home or studio.

We’ve recently enrolled our kids in summer dance classes [hip hop], just to give them something to do other than stare at LCD screens for the next 2 ½ months. I think the increased talents will do them good with poise, confidence, and even some social interaction.

Another great item to go along with the portable barre is either a glass or Mylar mirror so your dancer can scrutinize postures, positions, and movements. These are but a few of the basic essentials you’ll be investing in if you have someone with a serious commitment to ballet or other dance forms.

Office Chair Mats

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

door matsI’ve been looking at some of the fantastic anti-fatigue mats, and then I remembered: I don’t have an office chair mat to go under my chair, for while I’m at my desk! Right now, as it stands, my chair rolls on the ceramic tile we have here in my home, where my “office” is.

But I can tell you, I think it would be best, all around, for anyone who sits at a desk to have one of these beauties under their wheels to ease movement, as well as preserve expensive floor surfaces, which can be marked up by the wheels of the chair, or even the desk legs.

The office chair mat pictured here, depending on how big your desk is, could accommodate both your desk and your chair. Even if you have laminate floors, which are typically pretty hard on the surface, they can loose their luster over time from plastic chair wheels rolling around on them. Perhaps a commercial entrance mat, at bare minimum, to protect those floors, would be in order.

Exercise Mats

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

exercise matsI’ve thought about even using one of my wife’s exercise mats to protect my knees while I’m kneeling down to either change a flat tire, screw cement board down as sub-flooring before laying tiles, or for some other such purpose, but I’m not THAT crazy! My wife would NOT be too thrilled about such a stunt, and I would have to either admit my error, or utter something like, “Well my knees are being sacrificed to this project; can’t you maybe buy me one of those kneeling pads, or maybe even a two-foot square tile of gym flooring?” I doubt I’d be met with much sympathy, but…the thought has crossed my mind!

It’s true, exercise mats, like my wife’s Pilates mats, probably shouldn’t be used for kneeling down on concrete driveways, or even concrete backer boards, as those rough surfaces could really scratch them up. But many of such exercise mats are made of materials that are recycled and are not harmful to the earth’s eco system, as well as being non-allergenic.

Trade Show Flooring

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

trade show flooringSuppose you knew someone who owned a blown glass boutique and wanted to exhibit at an expo in his or her local, city convention center that happens to have concrete floors. If that person asked you to help with transporting the glass goods to the convention center, what would you say if you noticed they didn’t have any trade show booth flooring, or even foam mats to put down in the event one of the display items was dropped or knocked off onto the floor?

Most likely, you’d say, “You really should have something to pad the floor just in case someone drops one of your pieces; you know…to keep it from getting shattered into a million pieces.” Of course, such a person would most likely have thought of that, but…you never know, and…you, being the good friend you [most likely] are, would be obliged to mention the fact.

Anti-fatigue trade show flooring, you could tell your friend, will protect against damaged goods on those concrete floors, as well [you’ll say with confidence and impressive savvy] help preserve the feet, joints, and backs of those standing behind the display cases all day.

What a great asset you are as a friend!

Deluxe Yoga Mats

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

Those who are new to yoga will do well to start out getting just a few yoga props, beginning with a basic mat, some straps to help with stretching, and maybe yoga bolsters for support until strength and flexibility come; no sense going overboard from the beginning, but it’s better to have an experienced yoga practitioner guide you and teach you some of the basics to get you warmed up to it.

But for those who have already invested much time and diligence into his or her yoga regimen, then there’s no reason such persons can’t—or shouldn’t—invest in some [at least one] deluxe yoga mats, is there? Maybe you could treat your self to one of the artistic designer yoga mats, or give one as a gift to that special someone you know who is either a long-time practitioner or serious beginner. Unlike normal exercise mats, yoga mats are designed to prevent slippage, while reducing the effects of gravity to the body.

Entry Mats

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

door matsPretty much every front door step I’ve ever stepped upon has a welcome mat of some sort or other, but not so many have entry mats, and I often wonder why.  At our house, we have a “no shoes” rule [it comes from my wife’s culture, and I do favor the rule, even though I’m somewhat exempt, working from home and need my “back shoes” on pretty much at all times].

But when the weather is inclement, or when we tend to track in dirt and grime, we typically lay down a cheap throw rug to wipe our feet, and now, after writing these posts, am beginning to wonder why we haven’t invested in a couple of entry mats.  Do you have entry mats for your home?  Why do we often tend to think of entry mats as being only for businesses, or breezeways?  If you’ve got nice carpet or floors you’d rather not have dirtied up, then you might want to consider the practical value of entry mats.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

kneeling padsEven the greatest of anti-fatigue mats cannot diminish MY fatigue from all of these home renovations! But I can tell you: I sure wouldn’t mind having even a couple of these around to help diminish the stress and strain on my feet, knees, and back! I do wear some high-dollar shoes and use an expensive chair [THE best, ergonomic chair, at $500], to help with my back issues, but I just don’t have anything to “buffer” my work area when I’m working on the house, you know?

I tell you, if you ever do any kneeling, walking, standing, or even squatting for extended periods of time—and especially if you’re over 35 years of age—you owe it to your self to buy something you can use to reduce the effects of gravity on your frame. I think I’ll click on over, right now, and order a kneeling pad and have it shipped in a day or two, as these home renovations