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Rubber Mats and Vegetarians?

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by
It is totally inevitable that when you go vegetarian (2 months now), there will undoubtedly be questions from friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to the tune of “we’re mammals. we’re supposed to eat meat,” or “what the hell are you gonna eat now,” and my favorite one of all is the horrified look on someone’s face as they ask “BUT WHY?!?!”.
While I generally don’t want to ascribe to any kind of moral higher ground, it is a highly personal decision (I promise, this is going somewhere).
#1- A high animal protein diet, especially when lower quality meats are consumed, continues to show more and more links to cancer, obesity, and a plethora of other premature chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.
#2 – I’m simply an animal lover. I’m not saying someone who enjoys a burger would eat their dog. For most, it’s a far removed thing as few of us EVER have to kill, skin, and cure our own meat.
#3 – Meat industry is horrendously bad for the environment, the planet, and the amount of suffering that chickens, cattle, or farm raised fish face is something that any child, if made aware of, would immediately give up hot dogs for. Both my nieces did.
Which brings me to my point.  Most companies are far from perfect, but many more are trying to regulate their carbon foot print in whatever they can. That’s why I’m very happy that we at at the very least offer an eco-friendly section of products for those who try to be a little more conscious of environmental impact.  From yoga mats to playground surfaces to door mats, there’s actually a pretty generous selection of products that are made in America and are made from recycled or natural materials.  Stop on over check it out!
Now that the preaching is over, I can admit that a big part of the reason for vegetarianism (and the raised environmental/social awareness that comes with it)  is… le ‘wife’ won’t cook meat anymore.  Sad faces all around.


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