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Entrance Mats and Cats…

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by
I’ve got a bad, bad headache today.  I mean really bad.  You know why?  Because I recently became a father.  It wasn’t planned really.  I just got caught up in the moment of my girlfriend moving in and before you know it… I agreed that I would help her take her CAT, Bobby!
Bobby, at least for now, is just like a newborn Entrance mats can be fun for catsson.  Constant liter changes, 4 hours sleep cycles, and nothing but noise come 2:30am. This has made it considerably hard to keep it together after an eight and a half hour workday then coming home him while he gets adjusted to his new home.  Lots of clawing.  Lots of spraying.  It’s not so much the meowing or the constant roiling of cat liter at night, but the continuous scratching sounds of this fine, young feline specimen using our very nice rug (a gift from my mother) as a if he were kneading pizza dough has to stop!  My girlfriend suddenly got the bright idea that since I work at, there HAS to be some kind of ‘cat rug’.  Something that he can scratch into all he wants, but won’t completely destroy as he’s on his way to doing with our nice plush rug.  Little does she know, we’ve yet to truly tap into the pet market.
The headache persists, and as I thought of what to convey to all you fine people in the blogosphere, I found myself taking twelve aspirin and then it happened… a moment of clarity.  I scurried over to our Maxima Mat samples (typically used as entry floor mats or door mats) .  All of a sudden, I found a durable mat with no ‘loose’ fibers that a cat would have a hard time ripping through. This mat will be put to the test this weekend and we shall see how well it holds up against this adorable ball of orange-white animal anxiety.  Obviously, a product that is traditionally used as entrance mats isn’t spray-proof (if you own a male cat, you know…), but it is made of 45 oz. extra coarse polypropylene fibers that can scrape the smart off a string-theorist (file under poorly executed astrophysics jokes).
I’m confident it will hold up against the rage of a cat removed from his home of 6 years and into the abyss that is the recording studio/love shack/pin-pong death-arena that is ‘Casa de Benigno’.  More as it develops.


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