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Anti Fatigue Mats Because Comfort = Productivity

Posted on: July 11th, 2012 by

Marble anti fatigue mats at salon stationsI went for my now monthly haircut at my local barber last Friday.  I’ll not name it since it’s faux pas to frequent the bigger chains for haircuts or so I’ve heard.  What was interesting to note, however, was that after the incessant and very cheery bashing of my hairstyle choice (mullets, it seems, are the thing of hillbilly’s, hooligans, and fellows of ill-repute), I couldn’t help but be surprised at how I almost didn’t notice the anti fatigue mats / salon mats posted at every single barbers’ station.

I’ve been told this over and over and over again that “Once you start working here (, you will scrutinize the type and style of mats EVERYWHERE YOU GO!”  Well, it certainly has rung true to the day. It’s like the first time you notice a car on the street and thereafter feel like you’re now seeing it and recognizing it everywhere.  It’s easy to under appreciate that these ladies (and gentlemen) are literally on their feet all day. They’ll get tired.  If they get tired, they’ll make mistakes.  My mop and mistakes are not two concepts I want hanging around each other. While my hairstyle choice may not be the ladies’ favorite (they’ll come around), I’m sure as hell glad that at least the marble fatigue mat (the most popular anti-fatigue mats for pharmacists and hair salons) allowed my stylist to be comfortable enough at 6:30pm at her station to not make my lady-killing mullet (yes I am growing out like I once did my beard) anything less than fabulous.

An anti fatigue floor mat may be just what you need (or if you are an employer, it may be just what your employees need) to enable you to be more comfortable and therefore more productive at work.  It’s definitely worth a try – don’t you think?


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