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Yoga Mats

Posted on: May 11th, 2010 by

Yoga mats and yoga suppliesYoga mats are not the same thing as what you see kids in elementary, junior high, or high school sitting or exercising on when they warm up or do their calisthenics on, no sir…no ma’am! Those old mats your kids “get” to use are probably the same ones you used when you were in high school, and are not likely to be eco-friendly, are probably full of phthalates and PVC, which have been proven to damage the environment.

But for the serious yoga enthusiast, outfitting ones quiver of yoga and other meditation supplies, such as meditation cushions simply cannot be substituted with anything but the real thing…what are you going to use from the high school supply closet for meditation? Home plate? Isn’t it wonderful the committed yoga practitioner can find what he or she needs via online providers with large selections?