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Yoga Foam Wedge

Posted on: June 10th, 2010 by

yoga meditation suppliesIt’s kind of amazing, the many different yoga props that go along with the intriguing art [or is it an exercise…or a way of life?] of yoga. Take, for instance, the yoga foam wedges; they are a great idea for aiding people in more difficult poses, or can be used to alleviate stress in joints, by adding support, or…whatever one could think of!

Quite simply, they can serve as great tools for persons engaged in various yoga exercises and poses, and the thought comes to mind, ”I wish I had something to raise my heels, or my hips….”

Sure, if you happen to have some yoga meditation cushions, those could serve the purpose, but the yoga wedges are light, firm, grip, and provide an even plane for the desired angle or height; stack a few in various configurations to achieve even greater precision or increase.

Yoga Meditation Benches

Posted on: May 13th, 2010 by

yoga meditation suppliesYour collection of yoga supplies…from mats, props, and cushions won’t be complete without a real, bamboo mediation bench [pictured], with collapsible legs for ease of storage and transport.

While delving into the long-term health and well-being benefits of yoga for life—especially if you teach it to others—you surely have your yoga mats, yoga meditation cushions, and other necessary items to ensure all of the desired postures and exercises can be executed without needless frustration due to being improperly equipped, but don’t forget your bench!

Bolsters, fitness balls, and other items are also considerations; don’t forget yoga mat disinfectant and mat cleaner to ensure optimum cleanliness for yourself as well as others, especially if you run your own facility where people come and go, cross-use the mats.