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Shiatsu Thai Massage Mat And A Silk Eye Pillow Is Just What The Doctor Ordered!

Posted on: August 23rd, 2013 by

Yoga Mats And Meditation Supplies For That Zen Feeling!I recently took a sick day off. For unknown reasons, I had a gland infection under my jawline that made me look like a squirrel harvesting acorns. Not only that but my eyes were reacting to some kind of irritant (I thought it was my mother-in-laws cooking but I could be wrong).  Along with this came a nagging temperature, also known as a low grade fever.  Is there anything more demoralizing than looking like a rabid wombat and feeling like a piece of meat in a toaster oven? I just wanted to sleep and call it a day. Problem was I could not get comfortable. Twisting this way and that way, I started looking at the bathroom tiles with longing, knowing that the coolness would be a balm.

Enter the Shiatsu Thai Massage Mat, this amazing, comfortable mat wicks away the sweat and keeps me cooler and more comfortable than anything else I know. Although the original purpose was for giving and receiving a massage, I have found it perfect for the rogue nap and camping. It provides a clean, soft platform to ease into slumberland and along with a zafu pillow “borrowed” from my wife’s collection of yoga meditation supplies. I was able to get a comfortable and cool few hours of rest while still able to tell my spouse that I spent the day with her meditation equipment. I merely leave out the part where I am snoozing.

If I had been thinking clearly, I would have added a silk eye pillow fresh out of the freezer to soothe my swollen eyes. But I was already asleep and snoring before I even thought about thinking about maybe wandering in that direction.

Yoga Mats and Meditation Cushions

Posted on: May 4th, 2010 by

Yoga meditation suppliesYoga mats, meditation cushions, and other supplies aren’t made haphazardly or without deep thought, planning, and consideration.  Yoga mats, cushions, blocks, and other props are made specifically for yoga practitioners, designed by experts in the arts and philosophy of yoga.  It won’t do, to practice meditation, for example, on a couch cushion, if you want to maintain proper spine alignment for optimum relaxation and centeredness, or to use a couple of books in lieu of a yoga block.

Ideally, for you to complete your commitment to reaping the sought-after benefits of this ancient discipline for mind, spirit, and body, you’ll want to use recognized apparatus.  There are a number of important meditation supplies you’ll want to become aware of—and their use—so as to get off to the right start.   And, if you’re a long-time participant in yoga, you’ll want to make sure your cushions, benches, etc, remain in good, usable condition—periodic replacement will become necessary over time.