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Trade Show Booth Flooring

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by

trade show booth flooringSoftCarpetTM trade show flooring actually energizes staff members with its superb, soft, cushioned, underfoot experience. These carpet top, interlocking foam tiles are easily put together, look fantastic, come in a nice variety of colors, and even provides great, anti-fatigue support so as to prevent personnel from getting so easily wearied while being on foot all day. There’s hardly a better looking trade show flooring available on the market, while providing excellence in comfort to feet, back and other body joints.

If you would like something equally as comfortable, but with a wood floor appearance [brighter and generates more contrast], then you will simply love SoftWood trade show booth flooring, which gives the appearance of a wood laminate floor, but is not as hard on the feet, of course, as a hard, wood floor.