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Stunt Landing Mats Needed in 5-4-3-2…

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by
Stunt landing pad and stund landing mats are a mustIt’s a little embarrassing, but I watched the Expendables 2 a few days ago… and I loved it! Not for it’s great dialogue or impeccable acting (to be honest, both were actually much better than I expected). It was the fact that all these aging actors (some who were in their 30′s back in the 1980′s!) were all pulling crazy stunts left and right which got me thinking about the pros that choreograph and plan out falls from buildings, jumps out of burning planes, and riding motorcycles through a maternity ward and off a 14 story hospital window. None of these are in this movie.. I don’t want to be a spoiler.
Anywho… I’ve got a couple of friends that do stunts and stand-ins for fight scenes and the like. Both of these cats are excellent martial artists as well and one of them (my personal trainer) happens to use layers of 24″ thick stunt mats for practicing his landings from high falls. He’s used all kinds of crash mats before and he’s told me that what is usually used is a large breathable stunt landing pad (more like balloons) with a constant positive airflow from a compressor for these applications. However, what he likes about our stunt landing mats is that to him, they are less like human catcher’s mitts and more like a very thick and soft pillow to land on. The breathable mesh on the sides allows the thick foam to have full air escape for excellent compression and energy transfer from a fall.
I wish I could say more about the Expendables, but I’d rather force everyone to go watch and contemplate that there’s 50-70 year old actors shooting each other and jumping out of planes for our entertainment.