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Sports Flooring

Posted on: June 15th, 2010 by

exercise matsWe have some friends who bought a huge house complete with media room and game room, and I jokingly told my buddy, “Now you can finally pull out that treadmill you bought and use it!” Maybe I’ll encourage him to put down some gym flooring tiles, or other durable rubber flooring appropriate for putting beneath gym equipment.

If you’ve thought about putting down some sort of rubber flooring to go beneath your exercise equipment, but haven’t been sure where to get the right kind or size, worried you’ll have to buy something too large and have to cut it, or piece together something that’s not quite right, then you can stop worrying; you’ll find every conceivable variation of gym flooring you could hope for, so browse awhile to see what really suits your needs. Maybe I’ll buy my buddy a treadmill mat for his birthday coming up.