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Nap Blankets

Posted on: May 29th, 2010 by

daycare & pre-school suppliesAs you’re outfitting your daycare, pre-school, or pre-K classrooms with various daycare supplies, don’t forget to get plenty of nap blankets (shown) to keep on hand for nap time. Normally, a couple a dozen nap blankets is recommended for most classroom situations, as you’ll want a few more than you have students, just in case some of them need to be laundered; you don’t want to be caught short. Having uniform nap blankets will also help teachers avoid quarrels over “favorite” blankets.

Nap blankets are great for kids to not only keep warm while napping on a sleeping cots, but children will sleep better and feel more secure if they’re covered with even a light nap blanket. It’s not practical for kids to bring their own blankets from home, and most likely school policies will discourage keeping them stored in classroom closets.

Kids Body Pillows

Posted on: May 28th, 2010 by

children's play mats If you can’t afford the space or expense of purchasing daycare or pre-school type rest mats or sleeping cots, another option you might want to consider are kids large body pillows like the ones pictured here. Kids simply love these huggable, cuddly, body pillows that are great not only for napping with—they can “hug” them for security—but they’re also fantastic to have at home when your kids are lounging on the couch or in a large, easy chair, and eventually fall off to sleep!

These body pillows are hypoallergenic, fire proof, fluid proof, and easily cleaned up. The pillows eventually will conform to your kids’ bodies, and are so comfortable; you might want to grab a couple for mom and dad! Another great idea to go along with these kids body pillows are kids bean bag chairs, which are always a popular choice for kids to relax in to play video games, read a book, or watch TV.