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Seamless Flooring For MMA and Martial Arts Gyms!

Posted on: May 9th, 2013 by

Seamless Flooring Is Ideal For MMA And Martial Arts Gyms!MMA has been around for quite some time now, in one form or another. One could even argue that it has been around for hundreds of years. One of the best known; even if not for it’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) per say is Ninjistu. A style popularized by – yup you guessed it, Ninjas. See Ninjas were the commandos of their day and they had to go up against a lot of different types of opposition, so they learned their enemies Martial Arts Style so that they could use it against them. Thus the first (maybe) Mixed Martial Arts was born.

No a days the Mixed Martial Arts scene is a bit different. However the main idea stays the same. The combination of various fighting disciplines coming together to allow the fighter to move more quickly, and react more appropriately to the situation and opposition with less flair and useless moves to deal with (i.e. “Return Positions).

With MMA, people inevitably started to fight each other in public forums and thus started to make groups. The most popular of which is the UFC. So now you have thousands of aspiring fighters either learning MMA for self-defense, fitness or for a chance to be in the UFC and fight for the prize in a sense.  This all requires training, and lots of it. Training requires classes, and classes require a good space to teach their students in a safe environment. So that is why we very commonly use, recommend and sell our interlocking martial arts mats and our most popular seamless flooring to MMA and Martial Arts Gyms.

Continuous Vinyl and crosslink foam flooring provides a fantastic area for the students to move and learn without fear of injury from falling, pulls, drops, or throws. We recently provided some seamless flooring to an up-and-coming MMA gym in North Carolina called Female Fighters MMA. In a sport currently dominated by male athletes they are setting the curve in providing a top notch environment and facilities for their students to learn and advance. They use our seamless flooring for their gym for just these reasons. You can see here for yourself, it not only looks great, but performs well!

Seamless Martial Arts Floor and MMA are very synonymous with each other, and if you are in the sport you certainly will see them everywhere you go.