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Rubber Flooring Isn’t Just For Gyms Anymore…

Posted on: June 9th, 2012 by
For many of us here at, a VERY typical phone call from a customer starts with “I’m looking for a mat.. but I’m unsure what kind.”  Thus the glorious process of deductive reasoning begins.  Because we offer such a wide range of products, it is important to always think of the application.  This may seem obvious at first but what is not so obvious, is that many of our customers have found some pretty unorthodox or creative uses for our mats.
One of my favorite non-traditional uses of our mats was from 48 Windows Music and Mix, a sound recording and post production studio in Santa Monica, California.  This company called us looking for a solution to a problem.  They had a very noisy hallway that would bleed sound from people walking into some of their rooms when doing voice-over work.  Since they kept having issues with their busy staff not being able to walk through the hallway during normal business hours to avoid any unhappy clients, it was clear they needed something that was rollable, not terribly unsightly, and above all, QUIET.  After talking for a couple of days back and forth about our many carpeted mats, I made a simple suggestion to consider using a different material altogether.  I have, and continue to work as a second job, as a sound tech (among other things) and most sound techs and acoustics nerds know how powerful rubber can be as a subfloor to absorb and control noise.  Thus, the bright idea came about to have a 1/4″ to 3/8″ rollable piece of rubber flooring for the hallway.Â
In the end, 48 Windows Music and Mix purchased several of our 3/8″ rolled rubber flooring rolls, which is most often used as exercise flooring or gym flooring.  They were able to put these rubber flooring rolls in the hall when needed and roll them up and store them when they were not needed.  The problem was solved by using what is generally used as gym flooring as rubber runner mats in the hall – it looked fine and the noise was eliminated.  Another happy customer.

Anti-Fatigue Flooring

Posted on: June 15th, 2010 by

rubber flooringWhile talking with some “old-timers” not too long ago, I noticed some of them still hold to some long-held beliefs that just because they did things a certain way, “back in the old days” their way was better.  I also noticed a few of them of scoffed at some of our modern technologies and advances, such as rolled rubber flooring or anti-fatigue mats.  But I tell you what: just have any such skeptic stand on some durable, stress-relieving anti-fatigue mats for very long, and they’ll be singing the praises themselves!

I wear some high-dollar, specially designed shoes that help with nerve pain associated with a back injury, and I can tell you,  “feeling was believing” in my case. I dare say the same will hold true for anyone you might know who might ordinarily jeer at something they [ignorantly] perceive to be silly or nonsensical.  The truth is today’s mindset of preserving our bodies with protective gear, such as spinal supportive shoes or anti-fatigue mats, is not only smart….but also wise.