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Eco Friendly Door Mats

Posted on: May 8th, 2010 by

eco friendly door matsIt used to be, in industrial circles, there wasn’t so much as a passing thought for eco friendly door mats—door mats were door mats! You wipe your feet on them, for crying out loud!  But thank goodness the mindset of the world has advanced to care about what happens to the earth’s ecology.  Door mats, after all, do wear out and they must be disposed of; so why NOT manufacture products that will break down and not pose long-term detriment to our environment?

Recycling technology has come such a long way, products made from recycled materials don’t LOOK “recycled” in any way; on the contrary, these mats are very attractive and highly durable—hardly what one would expect some years ago from “environmentally friendly” goods! Gone are the days of “standard”, black, ugly welcome mats; nowadays door mats are better looking, more durable, more functional, plus they don’t take a hundred years to dissolve!