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Play Mats For Children – Large Selection For Playrooms!

Posted on: August 12th, 2013 by

Softtiles For Your Home Gymboree!I think people are tricked into paying a lot of money for things, just because things can appear to be different or are set in a different environment  and therefor somehow become more impressive. I’m mainly talking about these” Mommy and Me” or Gymboree classes. This last weekend I went with my cousin and her 1 year old to one of those classes and it was pretty fun. Essentially she is paying $60 a month so her daughter can play in a colorful padded room. I told her to come to our website and look at our soft tiles. For less than what it costs her for 6 months of these classes, she could have her own playroom filled with foam floor tiles that her daughter could use whenever she wanted.

With the incredible selection of SoftTiles, combined with our great gym equipment, and variety play mats for children, you can really create a personalized at home play area for your children.  I did a blog a few months ago about the different shapes and other fun you can have with these tiles, so take a look at that for more fun ideas. The only down side is with your cool playroom, all the other parents will want to organize play dates at your house.

Children’s Play Mats

Posted on: April 29th, 2010 by

Children's Play MatsChildren’s play mats are great fun for kids to safely play on the floor without mom—or teachers—worrying about bruised knees or scuffed up pants.  Many of kids play mats have a design that will be sufficient for smaller kids to “vroom vroom” their cars or trucks on, or even build their own town on during playtime.  And what kid doesn’t love to pop bubbles? With a kids “Hop N Pop” activity play mat, you can safely insert bubble sheets for kids to pop until their young hearts are content!