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Fitness Mats – Ideal As A Pilates Mat, Stretching Mat Or For An Exercise Mat!

Posted on: November 20th, 2012 by

Exercise products and Pilates Mat accessoriesThis is starting to get extremely taxing… writing about an exercise mat. You’d think it’d be much easier when you are thinking and talking about them 9 hours out of your day, but it’s not like that at all. There’s a literal writing block that happens when I try to summon the Greek God of workout mats to give me guidance: Hades. Lord Hades, I beseech you to grant me guidance on this day to fulfill my spiritual quest of le blog. Please grant me the strength…!

Too much strength! Now I’ve got back spams… great… On the plus side, though, I know that the trick to any mild muscular ailment is a hot bath and a good stretch are essential for someone as vertically endowed as myself to find pain relief from muscular pain (or weekly blog’s writer’s block). Which is why I’m happy to have access to rolls of our 3/8” SoftFoot stretching mats. Our SoftFoot Pilates Mat is the ideal mat for pilates exercises. It provides the extra cushion your body needs when working out on the ground. These fitness mats are comfortable, don’t have any shocking odors or outgas like some other PVC based mats. Lord Hades would be pleased by this development.