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Aerobics Mats

Posted on: June 7th, 2010 by

exercise matsIf you have a loved one, or if you, yourself, are an exercise enthusiast, and are still working out from home without a decent exercise mat, why is that? Don’t they—or you—deserve something appropriate for maintaining stability, reducing stress to joints due to impact, and help to prevent slips and falls, even on carpeted floors?

Aerobics mats like the one pictured here, come in three foot by six-and-a-half-foot or three by four foot sizes to provide ample workout space, with beveled edges, stippled texture and anti-skid grip no carpet can ever provide. They’re latex free for those with allergies to latex, impermeable to moisture, and are readily cleaned to help maintain a healthful workout surface.

Consider one of these as a gift to for that special someone, or for yourself! Or, if you or that special someone is more into Pilates, Pilates exercise mats are also a fantastic alternative, with a variety of suitable choices.