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Kids Play Mat With As Many Uses As This Tool!

Posted on: March 8th, 2013 by

Generally speaking, I am a big fan of Multi-purpose . . . well . . . anything.  Swiss Army knife, got one, sawzall, you bet, left handed glockenspiel, well, maybe not but still, you get the picture. If it’s something that I can get multiple purposes out of, SIGN ME UP!  Enter the Tote N Mat. It is so much more than a kids play mat!

How about a tool that acts as a cushioned surface, a backpack and temporary storage cube? Think it is of limited use? If so, you probably don’t have kids. Going to the beach, transporting all your beach toys, towels, and food across a vast, sandy expanse that seems to rival the Gobi or Sahara. Next, trying  to decide on the order that things get unpacked and set into the sand then the struggle over who gets to sit where. The original Tote-n-Mat is the ideal multi-use mat for a family on the go. It is a water resistant, padded floor mat that converts to a large portable storage box, tote or backpack. It also works great as a baby play mat or kids play mat, beach mat, camping mat, or padded, moisture proof, picnic blanket. Anytime you need a clean and comfortable place to sit, the Tote-n-Mat travel mat is at your service.

If your family is larger, just get more of them, they can connect via a Velcro border. There are so many uses for this tool that I feel like one of those 1970 “RONCO” salesmen, “But wait, there’s more!” There’s a discount if you buy 12 of them, there are several different ways to fold it to create different uses, it’s easy to clean so it can double as a baby changing surface.  You get the picture? Great, I’m off to invent a Hammer/Axe/coffee maker and jello mold!