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Hot Yoga Towels

Posted on: June 8th, 2010 by

yoga mats and propsI’ve known a few yoga practitioners in my time, but I never quite realized how involved things can get with the various yoga props such dedicated individuals utilize while exercising, stretching, and posturing! Oh, I’ve been aware that yoga can be rather rigorous, even though most of us, when we think of yoga, picture a person meditating in a lotus position, right? I had known about meditation cushions, yoga benches, and yoga mats, for sure; but I had never known about yoga paws, for instance.

Yoga paws, for those who don’t know, are sort of like rubberized, fingerless gloves [sort of like workout gloves], worn on the hands and feet, used to help hold more advanced yoga postures where hands and feet are liable to slide, even on “sticky” yoga mats, or perhaps a hardwood floor, where bare feet would otherwise grip, but could slip due to sweat. The hot yoga towel, like the one pictured here, will help absorb sweat, and assist in maintaining your grip.