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Heated Footrests

Posted on: May 8th, 2010 by

Heated footrests for the homeHeated footrests provide remarkable, therapeutic value to the sole…the sole of the feet, that is! If you’re an employer, you surely have explored the value of utilizing ant-fatigue mats for your employees, or even yourself; but if you haven’t brushed up on the benefits of anti-fatigue mats in awhile, you can bolster your confidence in what was surely a wise decision you made some time ago to invest in your team members’ performance and well being.

The high-caliber of today’s anti-fatigue mats can make all the difference in extending your people’s endurance well beyond what they might achieve, left unaided.  But sometimes, even the barrier of anti-fatigue mats isn’t quite sufficient while standing on, for example, cold, hard, concrete floors.  It’s at times and in conditions such as these when it’s not difficult to justify industrial boot warmer mats, or even the ergonomic model [pictured here], more appropriate for under the boss’s desk!