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Folding Exercise Mats

Posted on: May 4th, 2010 by

folding exercise mats

Not every exercise facility owner wants wall-to-wall exercise flooring.   There are times folding exercise mats are the ideal solution to fill the need for exercise mats for either stretching out, performing certain calisthenics [like crunches on a hard floor], or even practicing some yoga; folding exercise mats have been around for decades are still terrific when padded flooring isn’t available or practical.

And people aren’t the only ones in need of special mats.  Exercise equipment should be placed on non-slip, protective mats, such as when you’re using a treadmill, you’ll want to use a treadmill mat, especially if your treadmill isn’t in your home or on a rug; stationary exercise bikes—as all exercise equipment—should also be placed on appropriate mats for safety, stability, and protection.