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Trade Show Flooring

Posted on: April 30th, 2010 by

Trade Show Booth Flooring When SoftCarpetTM first came out with their original, carpeted, interlocking carpet tiles, the world of trade show flooring was set on a collision course with greatness.  Foam-bottomed, carpeted tops, variety of colors, tiles of manageable sizes…the possibilities went from drastically limited, from toting around mats of various sizes and trying to make them fit into a given space at a trade show or expo, to precision fulfillment of needs!

And for those who don’t want a carpeted look, there’s other foam and anti-fatigue flooring that will surely fit whatever the need might be.  For example, if you’re hosting or participating in a gun show or other outdoor sports or hunting related event, camouflage flooring will be perfect for such events as well. Whatever the event, there’s sure to be a custom flooring that will fill the need.