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Gymnastic Bars In The Bathroom?

Posted on: October 22nd, 2012 by

Gymnastic bars in the bathroomI have two nieces.  They have been princesses, witches, models, pop stars, scientists, superheroes, and just about every other occupation you can think of.  Of course, nothing could prepare us for the very creative ways that they go about fulfilling the tenures of their latest imaginary employment.  I’m sure we can all relate.

The mess on the kitchen mats from the five-star chef.  The crayon art on the walls from our little Picassos.  Even the near flood on the floor mats from our bath-tub Jacques Cousteaus.  They all serve to inspire us on the time where we really felt and thrived on the idea that absolutely anything we could think of was a potential occupation.  

While we’re in the bathroom, let me tell you about my co-worker’s niece Emma.  This little doll is a gymnast in the making.  Her parents, being the good folk they are, have catered her physicality with gymnastics equipment and classes, the toys and tools that might make this little tike the next McKayla Maroney.  This unfortunately, does not slow down the imagination and as she lacked gymnastic bars, she decided to do a little practicing with the towel racks in the bathroom.  

Suffice it to say, these are most certainly not the ticket to fame and fortune, but might make for a good scowling form the folks.  Lesson be learned parents: Keep the young ones occupied with the right tools and an extra bit of supervision.

Kneeling Pads Would Have Been Real Knee Savers!

Posted on: October 2nd, 2012 by

Knee savers would have saved my knees!!!  It’s really dumb that I work here and have access to all these great floor mats and other products and don’t use them all.  I’ll tell you why… This last weekend was what Southern Californians referred to as Carmageddon.  Basically the freeway that connects 2 major cities, with at least 374,000 cars traveling on it every day, was closed for construction.  This forced people to find alternate routes, potentially causing major congestion.  

On Sunday I took one of the alternate routes and luckily didn’t have too much trouble with traffic, but I did get a flat!  Ordinarily I wouldn’t care because I could just sit in my car listening to music until AAA got there. Unfortunately for me I was on my way toKneeling pads are a kneecessity when changing a car tire a dinner party and had to pick somebody up on the way, so I was forced to fix it.

Here’s where I could kick myself…  I had to kneel in my pants, so I laid down a towel to protect them from getting dirty.  Smart..right?  Wrong.  I could feel the little rocks stabbing me on the ground which is enough reason to want extra protection.  What I didn’t realize is that the rocks were breaking skin and causing me to bleed just a little, right thru my khaki pants!!!  I was furious!  No time to change, and I have such easy access to the one thing I could have used, a simple little kneeling pad!  What I am so angry about is I sell kneeling pads every day! Sorry for the non-informative blog.. I just needed to vent!

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Posted on: June 11th, 2010 by

anti-fatigue mats benefitsCan you name the obvious benefits of anti-fatigue mats? Just thinking about the name, “anti-fatigue mats” makes that easy:

• Reduced foot pain while standing.
• Reduced joint [ankles, knees, hips, and back] from standing and walking on hard surfaces, such as concrete.
• Reduced injuries during falls on otherwise hard floors.
• Improved performance among workers due to less pain and stress.

Those are the benefits that most commonly come to mind when we think about benefits of anti-fatigue mats, but what do you think some other benefits might be, but not necessarily for people? Studies have shown one of the most touted benefits are reduced breakage of breakable items dropped onto the softer, absorbing surface of most anti-fatigue mats; and that just makes sense.

In fact, one national restaurant chain stated the use of anti-fatigue mats in their back preparation area and dishwashing area reduced glass breakage by 24%!   There are numerous others, but if you’re a business owner and this has been an issue or point of revenue loss, 24% is nothing to sneeze at!

Portable Floor Mats

Posted on: May 21st, 2010 by

portable floor matsYou gotta love portable play mats as an alternative to regular children’s play mats.  One of the greatest inventions for people with kids or places to go who need a way to allow their kids to sit or lie on the ground or floor without worrying about getting dirty or dusty is the ever-popular Tote-N-MatTM.  These highly portable, convenient mats are durable, easy to clean, lightweight, and very affordable.

You might have purchased different kinds of kids play mats, such as kids play rugs, either with play scenery or even maps and the like for educational purposes, such as for a pre-K classroom setting or even daycare, but those kinds of mats are so practical to “tote” around, if you’re a mom or family on the go.