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Yoga Eye Pillows

Posted on: May 29th, 2010 by

yoga eye pillowsAs you start to build up your collection of various yoga props, one item you’ll get the most enjoyment from are silk eye pillows (shown); also known as yoga eye pillows.  After a rigorous session of stretching, posturing, and exercise, or perhaps before you begin your session, if you have a headache, these organic flaxseed filled pillows are breathable, and apply gentle pressure that will reduce stress and help you to relax.

The smooth silk surface is very comfortable and feels wonderful on the skin, as well as to eyeballs and forehead, where pressure often builds up.  Who knows?  Perhaps while you relax and de-stress under the experienced hands of a masseur or masseuse, on a shiatsu Thai massage mat, you can rest your eyes directly on your yoga eye pillow.