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Fitness Mats – Ideal As A Pilates Mat, Stretching Mat Or For An Exercise Mat!

Posted on: November 20th, 2012 by

Exercise products and Pilates Mat accessoriesThis is starting to get extremely taxing… writing about an exercise mat. You’d think it’d be much easier when you are thinking and talking about them 9 hours out of your day, but it’s not like that at all. There’s a literal writing block that happens when I try to summon the Greek God of workout mats to give me guidance: Hades. Lord Hades, I beseech you to grant me guidance on this day to fulfill my spiritual quest of le blog. Please grant me the strength…!

Too much strength! Now I’ve got back spams… great… On the plus side, though, I know that the trick to any mild muscular ailment is a hot bath and a good stretch are essential for someone as vertically endowed as myself to find pain relief from muscular pain (or weekly blog’s writer’s block). Which is why I’m happy to have access to rolls of our 3/8” SoftFoot stretching mats. Our SoftFoot Pilates Mat is the ideal mat for pilates exercises. It provides the extra cushion your body needs when working out on the ground. These fitness mats are comfortable, don’t have any shocking odors or outgas like some other PVC based mats. Lord Hades would be pleased by this development.

Exercise Floor Mats – A Necessity After Holiday Eating!

Posted on: October 15th, 2012 by

The holidays can be fun, but also super time consuming.  The hours in your week usually spent exercising may well instead be spent shopping, wrapping, or baking for the never ending holiday dinners and parties.  I’m really starting to worry, mainly because I don’t want to gain any weight.  I’ve worked too hard to drop almost 40lbs and all the tempting holiday treats can potentially destroy my diet.  I want to have my cake and eat it too!  So, once again I went to my annoyingly healthy and fit sister for some tips and I’m gonna pass them on to you!  Instead of throwing things to the wind this year, try these quick but effective -no equipment exercises, all easy to fit into your jam packed schedule.

Of course there are crunches, cardio, or simple things like stretching and jumping jacks (make sure you at least have exercise floor mats or one of our fitness mats to protect those joints!)  According to my sister, these next activities are kinda fun and can also target specific muscle groups and it will make you lose a lot of excess fat.  It is important that when you do these activities, safety should be a primary concern.

Milk Jug Squats
When putting away groceries, grab a full, one-gallon container of milk, juice or whatever else is at hand, then do six to eight squats (keep a straight back).  It should feel like you’re sitting down in an invisible chair, then standing up (if it helps, put a chair behind you but don’t sit down in it). Do at least two sets.

Gift Wrap Runs
Wrap two gifts, then walk or run up and down your stairs three times or jog in place for two minutes. Repeat five times or until you’re done packaging your presents.

Cookie Push-ups
While you’re waiting for the cookies to bake, do five push-ups (knees on the floor for beginners; plank position for advanced exercisers). Then lie on your back with four dish towels (each folded in half) under your head, knees bent, and feet shoulder-width apart.  Raise your hips off the floor about six to eight inches, then slowly lower them. Repeat five times.  Keeping a yoga mat in the corner might help remind you.  Plus, if you’re like me when you cook there is going to be flour and who knows what else all over the floor.  An eco exercise mat is good for the environment and can help keep your floor clean.

Soup Can Curls
While cooking, take an average-size soup can in each hand. Face your palms forward and “attach” your elbow to your waist. Then slowly curl one arm at a time and return it to the straight, hanging position.  Do one set of 10 repetitions for each arm.

Post-Feast Walk
If your holiday culminates in one big family dinner, plan to take a 45-minute post-meal walk with your sister-in-law.  Here’s why the “walking pact” is a good idea: For about four hours after a high-fat meal (such as a typical holiday dinner) your arteries look just like those of a person with heart disease. That’s because your vessels are trying to expand to accommodate increased blood flow, but the fat in your bloodstream is making it harder for your arteries to flex.  A 45-minute post-meal walk helps reverse oxidative stress.

Exercise mats are a great gift and are really beneficial when adding simple workout routines into your daily life.  Now you don’t have to lie to yourself about taking off that Holiday weight.  Just don’t put it on!

Exercise Mats

Posted on: April 29th, 2010 by

exercise matsExercise mats have come a long way from just a few years ago!  Today, there are other considerations in addition to mere comfort.   Today’s exercise enthusiast is also conscious of the environment, and eco-friendly exercise mats are not only not harmful to the earth, but are more durable, lighter in weight, and have technology incorporated to account for impact and anti-fatigue properties.  It’s interesting to note: many exercise mats are so comfortable and lightweight, you could almost use one as a sleep roll or padding to go under your sleeping bag next time you go camping!