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Anti-Static Mats

Posted on: May 18th, 2010 by

anti-static anti-fatigue matsNot all anti-fatigue mats are created equal.   You certainly wouldn’t purchase anti-static mats for use in an industrial or commercial environment where there’s an inherently wet characteristic, now would you?  Well, of course not.   But isn’t it great there are anti-fatigue mats that are also anti-static for when you work in an environment with sensitive, electronic equipment or highly combustible chemicals?

We humans are electric by nature.  Our bodies produce static currents easily just by walking about, or even rolling across the floor on caster wheels in a chair.  If we were to touch sensitive equipment such as computers with microchips, or materials or chemicals easily ignited by the tiniest of sparks, it could result in catastrophe.  Conductive anti-static mats that use a grounding cord are just the thing for such environments.

Waterproof Garage Flooring

Posted on: May 14th, 2010 by

anti-fatigue matsWaterproof garage flooring provides excellent insulation for cold concrete basement or garage floors, and also provides many of the same benefits as anti-fatigue mats as well.  These durable, interlocking foam tiles provide a great protective barrier if your basement or garage has been committed as a play area for your kids, or has been transformed into an extra bedroom or otherwise.

This highly versatile flooring works great, too, for weight rooms, aerobic classroom flooring, and pretty much any other application you can think of.  And if you want flooring that is especially resistant to punctures from, say, high heels, or other objects, and that which is more tolerant of heavy objects, then you should check out the heavier than home version of rubber garage flooring by SoftRubberTM; it’s durable, washable, fire retardant, non-toxic, and available in a wide variety of colors.  What more could you want?

Sticky Mats

Posted on: May 13th, 2010 by

Contamination control sticky matsSomething you might need to consider to use in conjunction with your anti-fatigue mats for your place of business, to optimize worker performance, are contamination control sticky mats [pictured here].   These mats are superb when you have to control the cleanliness of certain areas of your place of business, and you can’t have contaminants getting tracked onto those floors that are critical to keep clean. These tacky mats are excellent at removing dirt from not only shoes, but caster wheels as well.  Tacky mats are purchased in bulk quantities and have two adhesive sides.

And while tacky mats don’t provide the anti-fatigue or anti-slip qualities of non-slip and drainage mats, they are ideal for those areas of your shop, office, or even your home where white or other lighter carpets must be spared grime being tracked in by kids or others.

Anti-Fatigue Mat Benefits

Posted on: May 12th, 2010 by

ant-fatigue mat benefitsIf you’re unfamiliar with anti-fatigue mat benefits, don’t feel bad; anti-fatigue mats aren’t something most of us discuss over morning coffee, or when we’re out with friends. So, just to sketch out some of the basic benefits, here you go:

• Increase work environment safety.
• Improve worker productivity due to lower bodily strain.
• Cut down on slips, falls, and injuries due to fewer falls, as well as softer landings.
• Reduced back pain due to prolonged standing.
• Supreme SlipTechTM anti-fatigue mats, for instance, offer superior anti-slip qualities not found in all anti-fatigue mats.
• Sound and vibration absorption.
• Possible insurance discounts.

These are but a few of the benefits of anti-fatigue mats. Consider your need and application, and then do a search, here on this site, to find what is likely to best suit your needs.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: May 12th, 2010 by

anti-fatigue matsWhen you need industrial or commercial-grade anti-fatigue mats, you have to be careful to buy what’s appropriate to the circumstances in which the mats will be used; you just can’t throw down a light-grade anti-fatigue mat in which harsh conditions occur and expect that mat to hold up. That’s why there are industrial grade mats such as the one pictured here, which is a Tru-TreadTM safety anti-fatigue mat with holes that channel moisture such as water or chemical spills, as well as keeping small debris off the standing surface, helping to prevent falls and other, more serious injuries.

These high quality mats are slightly raised off the floor to allow fluids to flow away and not pool. Other, less robust mats, like the safety anti-fatigue mats, bonded with heat rather than adhesives, are more appropriate in dry environments where liquids aren’t part of the norm.

Consider the application, and then choose accordingly.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: May 11th, 2010 by

anti-fatigue matsAnti-fatigue mats, if you’re an owner of an industrial company or even commercial business where employees [or you] spend time on their [your] feet. The benefits of sparing one’s ankles, knees, or back—and not to mention their feet—should be obvious. When employees spend hours on their feet—especially if they’re standing in one, small area, the effects on those joints and the soles of their feet make them less productive, due to the pain and fatigue incurred from gravity.

If you can reduce that strain with some industrial or commercial mats that absorb weight to compensate over concrete or other hard floors, you win, because your people don’t get so weary. Add the dynamic of water on the floor, and you’ve upped the stakes on potential dangers to your workers. In those instances, you would seek non-slip anti-fatigue mats that channel away water, grease, etc.

Heated Footrests

Posted on: May 8th, 2010 by

Heated footrests for the homeHeated footrests provide remarkable, therapeutic value to the sole…the sole of the feet, that is! If you’re an employer, you surely have explored the value of utilizing ant-fatigue mats for your employees, or even yourself; but if you haven’t brushed up on the benefits of anti-fatigue mats in awhile, you can bolster your confidence in what was surely a wise decision you made some time ago to invest in your team members’ performance and well being.

The high-caliber of today’s anti-fatigue mats can make all the difference in extending your people’s endurance well beyond what they might achieve, left unaided.  But sometimes, even the barrier of anti-fatigue mats isn’t quite sufficient while standing on, for example, cold, hard, concrete floors.  It’s at times and in conditions such as these when it’s not difficult to justify industrial boot warmer mats, or even the ergonomic model [pictured here], more appropriate for under the boss’s desk!