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Camouflage Rubber Flooring

Posted on: June 10th, 2010 by

trade show flooringNow you might think me a goofball for saying this, but I sort of wish I had a place to put down some camouflage trade show flooring, in my home or office space, like what’s picture here.  Seriously!  There is a reason why I say this, so give me a chance!  I have a bad back, and standing or walking on hard floors doesn’t help.  So I do wear expensive shoes to help, but having a more yielding floor would be helpful, too.

Maybe you know someone who could benefit from some of these tiles put down just in their immediate workspace to help reduce fatigue, particularly if they’re on their feet all day.  And if they—or you—are on their/your feet all day, you might want to look into using some anti-fatigue mats, which are specifically designed to reduce stress on body joints…like…bad backs!

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: June 9th, 2010 by

anti-fatigue matsI don’t work in an office where “business attire” would require me to wear hard-soled shoes, and so I have less of a need, at my home office, for anti-fatigue mats than, say, when I worked part-time at a printing facility that housed enormous printers.  We had to stay on our feet for hours, and I can tell you; we had anti-fatigue mats around the printers, and so I have experienced, first hand, how much easier on the feet, lower back, and joints it is to walk and stand on industrial anti-fatigue mats; the company even had “lighter”, non-slip mats in the break rooms and other areas.

Heck, they even had mats in the restrooms to prevent slippage due to water on the floors!  I can only imagine how much more relieving such mats would be to someone who has to stand in a very small area day in and day out, like a cashier, or someone who works behind a bar or concession stand.  My hat comes off for the person(s) who invented anti-fatigue mats.  Bravo!

Why Use Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Posted on: June 7th, 2010 by

anti-fatigue matsI was talking to a teenager the other day that happens to work at a local amusement park, and he told me his legs were tired from standing all day.  I asked him if there weren’t anti-fatigue mats where he stood all day, and he replied, “Anti-what?” I proceeded to explain to him briefly the benefits of using anti-fatigue and other non-slip mats, all of which are expressly made to cut down on the effects of gravity to the lower back and legs, especially the ankles and knees.

I told this young man to go to his general manager and ask why they don’t provide anti-fatigue mats for every station, for every employee required to be in one spot for hours on end.  I told him he could “sell” the idea by saying the park could probably reduce its insurance premiums by reducing the potential hazards in the event of falls, as well as improve employee morale and performance by keeping everyone feeling better.  I think sometimes, we adults tend to think such benefits would only apply to us, but…kids are affected by gravity, too!

Commercial Use Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by

rubber anti-fatigue matsPerhaps among all of the anti-fatigue mats there are, industrial and commercial use anti-fatigue mats are the most sought after and most purchased; and that only stands to reason—you don’t get much opportunity to lounge on a couch, on the job, like at home, so there’s not any demand for anti-fatigue mats for home use. For the industrial setting, where there’s water, chemicals, grease, etc, there are many, super tough mats that are also safety anti-fatigue mats.

And anti-fatigue mats doesn’t only include thick, heavy-duty rubber mats that look like they belong in an auto garage—even though those are in plentiful supply. For the office space, for instance, there are very attractive, marbleized, runner-type mats that are smooth, lightweight, and perfect for those who are on their feet all day, say, like behind a concessions stand, or in a bank, to absorb the effects of gravity on the body.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: May 28th, 2010 by

anti-fatigue mats benefitsWe don’t have the time, here, nor the space to go into all the benefits of anti-fatigue mats, but there are a number [of benefits] that should be obvious to even the uneducated person, or anyone who has ever stood on a hard surface for very long, or someone who has slipped on a hard surface and has gotten injured! Anti-fatigue mats come in many varieties and not all are intended for wet environments.

And isn’t that wonderful?

There are, of course, super tough anti-fatigue mats that are designed for industrial settings, and then there are those intended for office spaces that are dry and where women in heels or women and men in flat, hard-soled shoes tread, but where a hard, tiled floor can take it’s toll on feet that must be dressed professionally. Whatever the case, there are anti-fatigue mats to satisfy everyone.

Industrial Mats

Posted on: May 21st, 2010 by

trade show flooringIndustrial mats and trade show flooring are typically manufactured at endurance standards not called for in residential door or floor mats—many of which are, in actuality, anti-fatigue mats by nature.  With industrial mats, such as non-conductive mats that “grab” static electricity built up on human feet or caster wheels, anti-fatigue characteristics are and added plus.

Performa anti-fatigue mats [pictured] designed for wet areas such as restaurant kitchens and other environs prone to water or grease, channel away substances that would otherwise pool underfoot.  Both types are not really what you’d look for if you were looking for trade show flooring, but need anti-fatigue flooring for an exhibit.  The more fitting choice in the case of anti-fatigue trade show flooring for an expo would be something wood finish flooring like SoftWoodTM.

Commercial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: May 21st, 2010 by

anti-fatigue matsAnti-fatigue mats like the one pictured here—The Invigorator—aren’t your ordinary door mats just made longer. If you’re new to the concept of anti-fatigue mats, you’re in for a nice surprise; especially if you work a job that requires you to be on your feet for hours on end, and you often [always] end up with sore, tired feet, joints, and back.

Unlike regular rubber mats, floor mats, or welcome mats, anti-fatigue mats—made in varying designs and alternate functions, such as non-slip or anti-static mats—are manufactured with the effects of gravity on the human body in mind. When you stand in one place, or work within a confined space, with hard floors, especially concrete, the stress and strain of your body weight begins to take its toll on your lower back, knees, ankles, and of course your feet.

Anti-fatigue mats are made to absorb body weight into the foam, thus providing a buffer against the hardness of the floor; less pain, reduced fatigue, and improved performance are the result.

Anti-Fatigue Flooring

Posted on: May 20th, 2010 by

trade show flooringWhile shopping for the perfect trade show flooring, with ant-fatigue qualities, how does one go about prioritizing which characteristics to consider first? Well, the great thing about the availability of anti-fatigue trade show flooring or rubber flooring with anti-fatigue traits, is there really is so much variety to choose from; you really shouldn’t be faced with a too tough of a choice.

If you need a carpet top flooring, that’s no problem; there are numerous colors suitable to every environment. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show expo and want the look of wood flooring, then SoftWoodTM trade show booth flooring is superb—looks fantastic, absorbs body weight, like you’d expect from anti-fatigue mats, as well as sound and vibrations…it even will protect any breakable items, should they be dropped, where concrete would be the landing spot, otherwise.

Most of this flooring comes in either foam, interlocking tiles, or in rolled segments. The important thing is they relieve fatigue on joints such as lower back, ankles, and knees, while sparing feet as well.

Industrial Mats

Posted on: May 20th, 2010 by

industrial anti-fatigue matsThere are, perhaps, too many classifications of commercial and/or industrial mats to discuss here, but suffice it to say the manufacturers of anti-fatigue, non-slip, conductive, non-conductive, and about a dozen other such mats for every conceivable circumstance have really done the leg work for the rest of us, putting the best of technology and quality together—no…they don’t fool around when it comes to safety and improving worker performance!

Take, for instance, Stand-N-Weld industrial anti-fatigue mats [pictured here]; the Nitrile rubber surface fends off sparks from welding, grinding, or cutting, resists most chemicals, and provides stress relief to feet and body joints, as well as protecting against slipping. What more could you want from industrial mats?

Safety Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: May 19th, 2010 by

anti-fatigue matsShouldn’t all anti-fatigue mats be safety anti-fatigue mats as well?  One would think so, but…alas…not all mats designated as anti-fatigue mats are also identified—necessarily—as safety anti fatigue mats.  But no matter with such technical definitions, most anti-fatigue mats, whether commercial or industrial, tend to be inherently safe, anyway.

How so?  You ask?  Just think about it.  Many anti-fatigue mats either channel away fluids or chemicals, prevent static discharges, won’t catch on fire, or have a slip-proof surface texture designed to add a measure of improved safety!   Just about the only anti-fatigue mats with a smooth surface are rubber, marbleized anti-fatigue mats, which have a smooth surface that would become slippery when wet, but these are atypical, compared to most other anti-fatigue mats.