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Door Mats Are Just The Ticket!

Posted on: December 5th, 2012 by

Home Door Mats: Indoor & Outdoor MatsWith Fall and Winter upon us everyone’s shoes will be collecting a lot of fun things on your way from your car to your door step.  This is exactly why our home door mats or our office door mats are just the ticket to keep your sanctum and home nice and tidy.  Instead of bringing in water, leaves, mud and other wary travelers on the under-side of your boot soles; simply scuff them off on one of our entry mats.  We have Outdoor Door Mats, and Indoor Door Mats for those that require that extra level of cleaning comfort for those wore-weary shoes of yours.

Whether you’re just for the function of our Clean Scrape Doormats, or need the visual appeal of our 3D Home Door Mats, and Materpiece Door Mats; we’ve always got a mat for that. Perhaps you’re the industrial type, or have an office that you need to lay down some Door Mats for the season.  I know that as I walk into the office I see the Misson Trapper Mats and Simplicity Rib Mats at our entry ways for those rainy days.  In addition, we have a large variety of eco friendly door mats.

No matter the season, purpose, function, or aesthetic our Indoor Door Mats and Outdoor Doormats are there to ensure that what is outside, won’t make its way inside. As always a fond week to your all and get ready for the Holidays!

Water Absorbing Entry Mats For the Rain & Snow Season

Posted on: October 22nd, 2012 by

Welcome mats and entry doormatsWe finally got some much needed rain here in Los Angeles!  I noticed that our office building, as well as other stores that I go to, started putting out their new water absorbing entry mats.  No one wants to see there customers sliding around and nice entrance mats can really improve the appeal of a store, office building or your home.  I have been to locations that have old office floor mats that you basically slip over after a couple people walk on them.  

Beautify your home with our wide selection of economical welcome mats and entry doormats.  Certain states that get more rain and snow need floor mats that can really absorb and hold in water. has a very large selection of entrance door mats that can handle areas that have little traffic to heavier duty mats that can really soak in and hold the water in the mat.  These mats are also easy to clean and maintain.

One of our more heavy duty mats, called the Sponge mat, can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard!  It also has rubber grippers on the underside to minimize slippage.  No matter what look, style or size you may need will have it!  We can even customize mats to fit your area.  So when you’re ready to improve the look and keep people from tacking water, dirt and snow all over the place, take a look at our large selection of commercial outdoor entrance mats.

Logo Door Mats

Posted on: October 5th, 2011 by

Logo Door Mats for office, retail or restaurantLogo door mats are ideal for any place of business.  Whether you are a restaurant owner, the owner of a retail store or a hair salon you will undoubtedly purchase a door mat for the entry of your establishment.  So, why not let entry mats do a little advertising for you too?Â

There are many different options when it comes to custom logo mats.  The mats that are designed exclusively for outdoor use are typically made entirely of rubber.  Generally your color options and logo design options are very limited on these types of entrance mats.  There are usually limited sizes available as well.

That being said, most businesses purchase entrance mats that are placed on the inside of the entry.  The logo mats for this use is typically a vinyl or rubber backed mat with a carpeted to surface (rubber backing being preferred due to better durability).  Most manufacturers of these types of mats are able to produce the logo in virtually any colors and almost any design.  The mats can be a combination of colors and a large selection of mat sizes (and even custom sizes) are available.

A minimum quantity of mats is not required – you can order a single logo mat.  The mats are generally a very inexpensive way to protect the floors at your entrance, prevent excess dirt and debris from entering your establishment and market your business at the same time.

Door Mats To The Rescue

Posted on: October 22nd, 2010 by
Door Mats and Entry Mats - Keep The Dirt Outside

Door Mats and Entry Mats - Keep The Dirt Outside

Many of the door mats, entry mats and mat runners found today incorporate fashion, durability and functionality.  Specifically, many mats today offer improved scraping ability, color fade resistance, improved durability and ease of cleaning. Residential door mats are now designed using the latest fashion trends along with the durability and functionality of commercial matting products. 

Therefore, protecting your floors doesn’t need to be a challenge. There are many options available to you depending on your needs. If you have problems with wear and tear in heavy traffic areas; discoloration due to weather; or dirt that is tracked into your home and office, than the proper mat can be the solution to your problems. Mats can help keep your floors clean, provide protection and are easy to clean. Carpet mats trap water, keeping moisture in the mat and dirt off your floors!

Eco Friendly Entrance Mats

Posted on: July 16th, 2010 by
Eco Door MatHelp Keep Tires out of the Landfills. The latest Environmentally Friendly upscale Royale Entry Mats made with a molded recycled rubber backing NEW to the Matting Industry! This durable Eco Door Mat provides Top-of-the-line heavyweight perfomance for any busy traffic area, for inside or outside entrance settings.  Custom Sizes are available… up to 12′ wide and 60′ long! Royale Door Mats are premium indoor/outdoor quality door mats made of heavyweight construction for high traffic areas.
  • Dual fiber needlepunch carpet dries quickly and resist stainging and fading.
  • The molded Recycled Rubber backing provides heft and durability while the crush-resistant carpet surface effectively removes debris and moisture. 
  • Bi-level surface scrapes debris from passing shoes. 
  • Attractive double border design traps debris and moisture in the MAT and off the floor.
  • Heavyweight recycled rubber backing minimizes movement on carpet and hard wood floor surfaces. 
  • All weather construction
  • Custom Sizes available..2 feet wide up to 12 feet wide by widths up to 60 feet in length!

Ideal for heavily trafficked indoor/outdoor entrances, walkways and/or lobbys.

Front Door Mats

Posted on: May 5th, 2010 by

Low cost entry door mats

Not every one is looking for ornate door mats for their entryway or porch.  If you’re looking to add that “homey” touch, decorative door mats are great, but if you want a less conspicuous mat to place at your entryway, or around your premises, where impressions aren’t (so) important [perhaps you want something less attractive so would-be thieves passing through your business park or shopping strip won’t want to steal your mats], then ordinary, ribbed pattern or other low cost entry door mats are perfect for you.


And you won’t want just one door mat at each doorway.  If you have nice carpet or other floors inside your building, you might want to look at placing some durable, non-slip indoor carpet mats to absorb traffic and reduce wear on your interior carpet or hardwood or ceramic floors, which can become slippery when weather is bad; these mats protect your floors as well as help prevent slips.

Front Door Mats

Posted on: May 4th, 2010 by

eco-friendly rubber door mats for the homeWhen you’re looking to “go green”, shouldn’t your conscious efforts apply to every aspect of your life?  With that in mind, you’ll be glad to know you can buy gorgeous front door mats made from 100% recycled rubber, such as gorgeous, 3-D door mats like the one pictured here!  The selection and quality of these sharp doors mats is really quite remarkable.

The 3-D, recycled rubber door mats are so lovely, in fact, you might not want anyone wiping their feet on them!   But not to worry, these mats are highly durable, and can be easily hosed off to help maintain and prolong their beauty for years to come! But if you’re not looking for something so decorative, with more emphasis on functionality or safety, perhaps you should look into a larger, CleanScrapeTM outdoor entrance mat.   The durability of these mats—and their terrific functionality—is well known and is an industry standard for many businesses worldwide.

Decorative Door Mats

Posted on: May 3rd, 2010 by

Decorative door matsEver pay attention to the various styles of decorative door mats people place, for your welcomed arrival, on their doorstep, whether it’s a residence or nice office, such as a dentists office or other professional locale?  Who hasn’t?   Especially when inclement weather has caused you to have to step into a puddle, or has caused grime in the parking lot to get on the soles of your shoes.  It’s at those moments when we stop to notice how nice it is to have good quality, rubber door mats in the world, now isn’t it?  Otherwise, we probably just go about life, never noticing…until the next bit of muck we get on our shoe(s), and then we WELCOME those Welcome mats, now don’t we?

And if your needs for a durable mat to prevent slips on otherwise slippery steps or an inclined surface are what you’re facing, then you might begin your search for anti-slip door mats, to begin with, perhaps just preceding something more ornamental.   Keep in mind: door mats such as entry mats also reduce wear and tear on carpets, where the in-and-out traffic can really take its toll. No matter your needs, door mats and entry mats are practically a must for every doorway in existence!