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Eco Exercise Mats

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by

eco-friendly productsNot many exercise mats are truly eco-friendly; and among those that are, some are moreso than others. How would you like to know when you purchase an eco exercise mat, you help the earth’s ecology in a few different ways? First of all, for each powerhouse eco exercise mat sold, a tree will be planted to help offset environmental effects.

How great is that?

Plus, these super durable mats, which are perfect for Pilates, sit-ups o hardwood floors, or pretty much any other type of exercise where a mat is appropriate, are more healthful than ordinary exercise mats or basic gymnastics mats, which might not be phthalate free, like the eco mats we’re talking about here. Always look for terms such as “100% organic”, “natural”, and “100% recycled” determine the ecological commitment of any given product or provider.