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Car Floor Mats

Posted on: May 21st, 2010 by

floor matsNow there’s something many of us perhaps don’t give much thought to: car floor mats.  In truth, not many of us think about such things as door mats, or kitchen mats, anyway.  Well…if you’ve bought a new car recently, or if you’re one of those people who takes impeccable car of his or her car—it’s usually a “guy thing”—then you probably are much more cognizant than most people, but…well, you get the point.

The point is most of us, if we were to look for new car floor mats, would probably go to the auto supply store or local super store to buy them, and that does make sense.  But for those of you ARE of the mind about such things, wouldn’t it be great to know you can buy car floor mats that are made of 100% recycled rubber, to be “green” about the whole matter?

And no matter [no pun intended, there] what kind of mats you’re dealing with, you’ll want to make sure you use the right kind of mat cleaner or disinfectant spray to keep them looking great, and helping to keep your auto looking and smelling better.