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Yoga Props and Yoga Mats at Matsmatsmats!

Posted on: November 13th, 2012 by

Terra Pure Yoga Mats - Made with TPEI’ve been helping train the newest additions to our MatsMatsMats family, and they’re doing such an amazing job that I have a lot of down time.  I’ve been killing time on our website just clicking away looking for anything that might important for my trainee.

I actually found yoga mats that I never knew we carried.  Granted I don’t personally sell a lot of yoga props because I deal with more custom products, but I’m surprised when I do sell them, that it’s not more of our Terra Pure Yoga mats.  They’re a different material than your traditional yoga mat, made with something called TPE or “thermal plastic elastomer” which is completely free of heavy metals, PVC and toxic material.  I would think this would be a huge appeal to the yoga community.  The Terra Pure Yoga Mats have two different textures on each side, which makes it super versatile, and it has closed cell foam which prevents absorption of moisture.  You’ll get a good grip and comfort.  The only downside to this mat is that it only comes in Ocean Blue.

I also noticed something else that is kind of cool, if you have a yoga class or even 100+ friends, our custom Deluxe Yoga Mats that come with and Embossed or Debossed logo are actually less expensive than purchasing just the Deluxe Yoga Mat.  Yes, you have to by a quantity of 100 or more, but it breaks down to $14.95 per mat, including the logo and plate fee!!  Just the mat by itself is $19.95.  So you can actually get a great custom mat for less money than a normal one.

Custom Logo Yoga Mats

Posted on: April 29th, 2010 by

Yoga matsCustom logo yoga mats are a great way to market your company or a client and you wish to provide a nice, classy product if you provide such a service for appropriate clientele.  Placing orders of these pristine mats are a minimum of 200 in quantity, and so might not be as appealing—budget-wise—for smaller companies.

In the event you’d like something more special in regards to beauty and design for your needs, there are deluxe yoga mats, CleanPVCTM Eco yoga mats, or even the ever-popular pink yoga mats to help fight breast cancer and raise breast cancer awareness; with each mat purchased, 10% of the purchase price is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. These pink mats include the BCRF’s pink ribbon logo, of course.

And though not all yoga mats available are customizable, there is sure to be a style, color, design, or feel that will suit your needs and satisfy your wants at the same time.