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Daycare Supplies So The Little Ones Are Safe, Comfortable And Have Fun!

Posted on: February 18th, 2013 by

Everyone around me is getting married and having babies! Ok not everyone. But enough of my friends to start making me feel a wee-bit unaccomplished from just being a late twenty-something with a burgeoning recording studio and record label. I’ve even had dreams of children.  MY children… who aren’t born yet. It’s very very creepy and some would even say ominous. However, it truly is a blessing for those involved. The parents, specifically. They’ll only lose about a year and a half of sleep and after that, it’s like having a dog that talks! At least, that’s what I remember my childhood being like.

All the fun aside, however, there will be inevitable child-proofing to be done when the little children-of-the-corn start walking around… oh boy that’ll be a doozy. I’ll end up with a home full of day care supplies.  After this initial human germination stage, it’s off to day care (I’ve given this much thought, you see) where they’ll have nap time, learning time, lunch time, and if mom and dad are lucky, they can have some special time.

One could say the day care products we sell are passive facilitators in the love-making department for many working parents. Need to keep the rug-rats busy? Off to daycare! At home, lull them to sleep in their very own playroom complete with a puzzle mat, kids rest mats, cool looking bean bag chairs, and all kinds of other safe toys and trinkets that will give our near-lunacy young adults a little rest time for the best part of parenthood; teenagers!