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Martial Arts Mats

Posted on: May 19th, 2010 by

martial arts and exercise matsYou can have custom martial arts mats made to order instead of settling for standard exercise mats beneath you and your students when people hit the floor.  Martial arts mats made to order are manufactured a special way so as to better absorb the greater impact associated with martial arts moves, exercises, and throws.

The cross-linked polyethylene foam filler in these mats provide superior durability and resilience to use and are much more resistant to breakdown than ordinary exercise mats, and are perfect if you need some padding in a smaller area, as all can be affixed with Velcro connecting along the edges to expand them either lengthwise or laterally.  And if you’re opening your own karate studio or dojo, there’s the irreplaceable martial arts seamless flooring, which comes in pretty much every color imaginable.