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Sticky Mats

Posted on: May 13th, 2010 by

Contamination control sticky matsSomething you might need to consider to use in conjunction with your anti-fatigue mats for your place of business, to optimize worker performance, are contamination control sticky mats [pictured here].   These mats are superb when you have to control the cleanliness of certain areas of your place of business, and you can’t have contaminants getting tracked onto those floors that are critical to keep clean. These tacky mats are excellent at removing dirt from not only shoes, but caster wheels as well.  Tacky mats are purchased in bulk quantities and have two adhesive sides.

And while tacky mats don’t provide the anti-fatigue or anti-slip qualities of non-slip and drainage mats, they are ideal for those areas of your shop, office, or even your home where white or other lighter carpets must be spared grime being tracked in by kids or others.