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Commercial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: May 4th, 2010 by

commercial anti-fatigue matsCommercial anti-fatigue mats are an investment; and a wise one, at that.  Ask anyone who has had to stand or move about in a single or restricted space for many hours, day in and day out, on hard floors, without the use of an anti-fatigue mat—whether they’ve experienced them before or not—if they’d like to have an anti-fatigue mat beneath his or her feet versus the bare floor, and you won’t see such a person pause to consider if he or she would prefer the mats!

Anyone who has ever had to stand still on a hard floor for very long, in hard-soled shoes, or even barefoot can tell you it would be preferable to wear some shoes with a shock absorptive sole, and could probably guess at what the anti-fatigue benefits might be!  The great thing about most anti-fatigue mats is they serve multiple purposes and functions from back and joint relief, to slip protection, to protection against falls.