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Trade Show Flooring

Posted on: April 30th, 2010 by

Trade Show Booth Flooring When SoftCarpetTM first came out with their original, carpeted, interlocking carpet tiles, the world of trade show flooring was set on a collision course with greatness.  Foam-bottomed, carpeted tops, variety of colors, tiles of manageable sizes…the possibilities went from drastically limited, from toting around mats of various sizes and trying to make them fit into a given space at a trade show or expo, to precision fulfillment of needs!

And for those who don’t want a carpeted look, there’s other foam and anti-fatigue flooring that will surely fit whatever the need might be.  For example, if you’re hosting or participating in a gun show or other outdoor sports or hunting related event, camouflage flooring will be perfect for such events as well. Whatever the event, there’s sure to be a custom flooring that will fill the need.

Trade Show Flooring

Posted on: April 29th, 2010 by

Trade Show FlooringTrade show flooring is made to install easily and quickly for whatever the need might be.  Have you ever wondered how those who host trade shows or other such exhibitions put in such attractive flooring, especially when it’s in a venue you know has either a different style of flooring or even drab, concrete floors?  If you think about it, there’s definitely a need for many different styles of such flooring and, as the saying goes: necessity is the mother of all invention!

So whether the need is for a trade show booth flooring with a wood appearance, or something in a cool blue, gray, or black…or even if you want to go for a “wild”, interlocking camouflage flooring, you can be sure it [most likely] exists!  Practically every size or layout of space—whether huge or tiny—can be fitted with secure, interlocking tiles that come with a vast variety of surface appearances and textures.