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Beautiful Home Door Mats

Posted on: June 8th, 2010 by

decorative welcome matsLooking back over the years, I can’t say we’ve ever had much in the way of attractive or decorative welcome mats on our front porch, at home.  My wife and I have been making some fairly extensive plans for some home renovations lately, and some of those include expanding our front porch.

Part of my plan—and I hope I can “sell” her on the idea, too—is to buy something beautiful and fitting for our front porch, like perhaps an attractive, 100% recycled door mat, or perhaps we’ll choose from among other rubber door mats that are much more colorful and beautiful to look at.

I know these door mats of today are not only, typically, made of recycled rubber, are very durable, easily cleaned, and highly resistant to sun fading, but just looking at them sort of causes me to marvel at what technology has made possible today. Take a look for your self to see what I’m talking about.