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Rubber Drainage Mats – Bar Anti Fatigue Mats

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by
At no fault of my own, I was dragged to an 80′s looking, Double-Impact*-reminiscent bar called the… well, let’s not call out the bar itself.  Let’s just say it’s local (a bit TOO local), drinks are cheap, and I fear that at some point, I’ll make a biker there very angry which will promptly force me on my back (by way of bottle or fist) at some point in the evening. The really important thing to note, is that my bartender (let’s call him Justin) knows I sell mats for a living and likes to poke fun at me for it.  Most people find it VERY interesting that there is a dedicated website that sells all kinds of mats. 
The usual Thursday night rush poured in as we discussed his training (he is a very skilled Jeet Kune Do practitioner) and tunes when he was about a second away from taking a nasty spill… at least it seemed. Turns out that (like most bars and restaurants) he’s got rubber drainage mats to keep employees from slipping. I couldn’t see the bar anti fatigue mats, but like I mentioned in a previous post, once you see certain things, you can never un-see them. Now I realize that these things are literally IN EVERY RESTAURANT OR BAR I WALK INTO.  It wasn’t enough that I began to think about OUR martial arts mats while nerding out about Bruce Lee and Wing Chun, but as I took my last drink of the night, I was already thinking about the anecdote that had just materialized in my head from this outing.