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Ballet Barre Workout

Posted on: August 21st, 2012 by

Ballet Barre Workout is a new and wonderful exerciseI love new and fun and ways to work out and thanks the one of my customers I was introduced the ballet barre workout.  From what I’ve read this is a total body experience  that uses all the muscle groups in a way that really helps promote strength, endurance and overall fitness.

The ballet barre workout uses a ballet bar to perform small isometric movements set to upbeat music. Which is why I think I’ll love it, I’m instantly obsessed with anything where I can shake my butt, especially if I can tone it at the same time!  Supposedly, the ballet barre exercises burns fat fast, lifting the booty and toning the thighs, abs, hips and arms.  My customer is opening his own exercise studio and swears that The Pure Barre workout is going to be the next big thing- like yoga or pilates, but better:

  • Pilates works smaller muscles that realign the core and help to stabilize it, while the ballet barre workout works most muscles, small and large, by using body weight to isolate these muscles.
  • Yoga offers a more comprehensive approach to health because people can work on their physical, mental and sometimes spiritual dimensions of health. The ballet barre workout focuses on fitness specifically by strengthening and stretching the muscles to provide overall power, grace and stamina.

I haven’t done this workout, because I don’t have a ballet barre yet, but from what I found online, it looks pretty fun and seriously effective.