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Essential Oil Wipes, Essential Oil Uses, And There Benefits!

Posted on: December 4th, 2012 by

Essential Oils Used To CleanI decided recently to pay a little more attention to a product that if it had feelings would probably feel neglected. Our Jo-Sha wipes are these personal cleansing wipes that contain pure essential oils and naturally cleanse and disinfect your hands or fitness equipment. These essential oil wipes are very big with the Yoga community because it’s 100% natural and has healing/soothing benefits of aromatherapy essential oils. But I think there are many other places for essential oil uses.

Now, because I have a soft spot for the underdog, I’m trying to figure out other ways these wipes might be beneficial. They really are great and I think if word got out, they might become as common as tissue in the house.  The first place I thought of to use these was on kids toys. I watch my friends 3 year old son  that is forever putting his sticky boy hands all over everything and I’m a little reluctant to use your normal Clorox disinfectant wipes because I know how conscious his mom is of harmful chemicals.  Jo-Sha wipes would be perfect because I wouldn’t have to worry about pissing off my friend and they smell good.

In an effort to figure out other uses I gave some samples to Ro.Co.Co Salon in Santa Monica, CA. and asked the owner to let her stylists use them however they wish.   She said they were perfect for quickly wiping off their salon chairs and stations and the smells are so much better than the chemical smell you usually encounter.  This salon already has an inviting atmosphere and I’m guessing the variety of calming scents will only add the experience.

The last place I tried these wipes was in my car. If you eat and drive like I do, you probably get a sticky steering wheel every so often- these wipes are actually perfect size for a quick clean up.  I also used them to get that oh so acidic bird poop off my paint, the natural ingredients didn’t hurt my paint job! The only downside to using these in my car is that it kind of un-shines everything.  So, I don’t recommend using these as your primary cleaning tool.

Yoga Mat Cleaning Wipes

Posted on: May 18th, 2010 by

yoga suppliesYoga posturing and other yoga exercises can really make you work up a sweat.  With this in mind, you really need to take good care of your yoga mats and make sure they’re kept clean and free from unhealthful bacteria. But you don’t want to go wiping your yoga mats down with an antiseptic wipe or some other household cleaners that might be harmful to not only the environment, but also to your health and the health of those who use the mats.  No, it’s best to use specifically designed yoga mat cleaning wipes with essential oils.

You probably already know it, but there are proven, long-held, therapeutic benefits found in certain aromas; thus the popularity in recent years of aromatherapy— essential oils is the source.  For example, the aroma of lavender is known to have a calming effect.  It is anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and naturally cleansing.  It is shown to relieve certain allergies, helps treat PMS, shock, insomnia, and stress, and also promotes feelings of love, peace, and health.

So don’t fiddle around with household wipes to clean your yoga mats; use only specially made yoga mat cleaning wipes with essential oils.