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Rubber Flooring To Eco Friendly Yoga Products We Got You Covered!

Do you love the Earth? Sure you do, and seeing as though it’s still here and all; so much for the Mayan Solstice Apocalypse what have you,  I’d say we should keep the gears running and lean towards the more eco-friendly products side of the spectrum.  We have plenty of Organic and Earth-Friendly products to satisfy both you and the ye ‘ol Madre of nature herself.  We have natural rubber products, as well as PVC-free mats, all natural.  If it’s eco friendly yoga products you crave, we most certainly have them in our roster including meditations supplies as well, such as meditation benches and pillows.

It doesn’t stop there, oh no!  Our recycled rubber flooring and treadmill mat are all Mama Earth friendly as well.  Whether you’re re-flooring your garage or basement or lining the roof of an industrial building; you can sleep a little sounder at night knowing that your carbon foot-print is just that bit smaller.

So since the earth does not quake, the seas do not overflow-eth and the sun is not turning us all into marshmallows at the moment, let’s give a little back and be a bit friendly to the old lady Gaia.  To everyone, enjoy your time; enjoy each other and Happy Holidays!

Essential Oil Wipes, Essential Oil Uses, And There Benefits!

Essential Oils Used To CleanI decided recently to pay a little more attention to a product that if it had feelings would probably feel neglected. Our Jo-Sha wipes are these personal cleansing wipes that contain pure essential oils and naturally cleanse and disinfect your hands or fitness equipment. These essential oil wipes are very big with the Yoga community because it’s 100% natural and has healing/soothing benefits of aromatherapy essential oils. But I think there are many other places for essential oil uses.

Now, because I have a soft spot for the underdog, I’m trying to figure out other ways these wipes might be beneficial. They really are great and I think if word got out, they might become as common as tissue in the house.  The first place I thought of to use these was on kids toys. I watch my friends 3 year old son  that is forever putting his sticky boy hands all over everything and I’m a little reluctant to use your normal Clorox disinfectant wipes because I know how conscious his mom is of harmful chemicals.  Jo-Sha wipes would be perfect because I wouldn’t have to worry about pissing off my friend and they smell good.

In an effort to figure out other uses I gave some samples to Ro.Co.Co Salon in Santa Monica, CA. and asked the owner to let her stylists use them however they wish.   She said they were perfect for quickly wiping off their salon chairs and stations and the smells are so much better than the chemical smell you usually encounter.  This salon already has an inviting atmosphere and I’m guessing the variety of calming scents will only add the experience.

The last place I tried these wipes was in my car. If you eat and drive like I do, you probably get a sticky steering wheel every so often- these wipes are actually perfect size for a quick clean up.  I also used them to get that oh so acidic bird poop off my paint, the natural ingredients didn’t hurt my paint job! The only downside to using these in my car is that it kind of un-shines everything.  So, I don’t recommend using these as your primary cleaning tool.

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Yoga Props and Yoga Mats at Matsmatsmats!

Terra Pure Yoga Mats - Made with TPEI’ve been helping train the newest additions to our MatsMatsMats family, and they’re doing such an amazing job that I have a lot of down time.  I’ve been killing time on our website just clicking away looking for anything that might important for my trainee.

I actually found yoga mats that I never knew we carried.  Granted I don’t personally sell a lot of yoga props because I deal with more custom products, but I’m surprised when I do sell them, that it’s not more of our Terra Pure Yoga mats.  They’re a different material than your traditional yoga mat, made with something called TPE or “thermal plastic elastomer” which is completely free of heavy metals, PVC and toxic material.  I would think this would be a huge appeal to the yoga community.  The Terra Pure Yoga Mats have two different textures on each side, which makes it super versatile, and it has closed cell foam which prevents absorption of moisture.  You’ll get a good grip and comfort.  The only downside to this mat is that it only comes in Ocean Blue.

I also noticed something else that is kind of cool, if you have a yoga class or even 100+ friends, our custom Deluxe Yoga Mats that come with and Embossed or Debossed logo are actually less expensive than purchasing just the Deluxe Yoga Mat.  Yes, you have to by a quantity of 100 or more, but it breaks down to $14.95 per mat, including the logo and plate fee!!  Just the mat by itself is $19.95.  So you can actually get a great custom mat for less money than a normal one.

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Eco-Friendly Yoga Equipment…Let The Days Stress Slip Away!

After a long week I am sure that we all could use some relaxation.   So I’d say that it’s time to break out the Yoga Equipment and Meditation Pillows.   Sit down, or lay;  your preference and simply let the previous days stress and tomfoolery slip away.Â

With all the wonderful Yoga Mats, Meditation Pillows and accessories we have at, you’ll have no problem finding what you need.  You may have stress during the week, however finding the best Yoga Mat or Meditation Equipment won’t be one of them.  At Matsmatsmats, it’s easy, fast and simple.Â offers a large selection of environmentally friendly products that are healthier, safer, and better for our planet.  We continually strive to be more environmentally friendly and expand our Eco Friendly Products

 So get a Yoga Mat, or Meditation Pillow…or both!  Meditate while doing Yoga (This takes skill, not for the faint of heart).  So limber up and settle down.  Let the Mats be your guide.  Tune In, Turn On, and Mats Out!

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Ballet Barre, Mylar Dance Mirror, and Matlay Flooring = Beautiful Dance Studio!

Mylar Mirror for your dance studioThinking about Setting up a Ballet Studio?

We’ve got you covered from the Marley Flooring to the Ballet Barre to the glassless Mylar Mirrors.  I have been selling the Marley Flooring for over three years now and have had nothing but positive feedback and repeat orders.  It is used for everything from tap dancing to ballet.  Our wide selection of Ballet Bars will allow you to teach people of all ages. We have wall mounted units that can be adjusted for kids to adult classes.  In addition, we have portable bars that can be moved when not in use.  The Mylar Mirror we sell come in a variety of sizes and can either be mounted on the wall or be mounted on moveable frames.  They are also easily stored when not in use.  

We can not only deck out your whole studio, we have some of the most competitive pricing in the market.  We are also very capable when it comes to helping you figure out the best sizes and styles that would work best for your home or studio.  You may even want to look at our extensive yoga mat collection.  Our sales staff is very knowledgeable about all the products,  should you have any questions just give us a call toll free at 877-777-MATS.
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Rubber Mats and Vegetarians?

It is totally inevitable that when you go vegetarian (2 months now), there will undoubtedly be questions from friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to the tune of “we’re mammals. we’re supposed to eat meat,” or “what the hell are you gonna eat now,” and my favorite one of all is the horrified look on someone’s face as they ask “BUT WHY?!?!”.
While I generally don’t want to ascribe to any kind of moral higher ground, it is a highly personal decision (I promise, this is going somewhere).
#1- A high animal protein diet, especially when lower quality meats are consumed, continues to show more and more links to cancer, obesity, and a plethora of other premature chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.
#2 – I’m simply an animal lover. I’m not saying someone who enjoys a burger would eat their dog. For most, it’s a far removed thing as few of us EVER have to kill, skin, and cure our own meat.
#3 – Meat industry is horrendously bad for the environment, the planet, and the amount of suffering that chickens, cattle, or farm raised fish face is something that any child, if made aware of, would immediately give up hot dogs for. Both my nieces did.
Which brings me to my point.  Most companies are far from perfect, but many more are trying to regulate their carbon foot print in whatever they can. That’s why I’m very happy that we at at the very least offer an eco-friendly section of products for those who try to be a little more conscious of environmental impact.  From yoga mats to playground surfaces to door mats, there’s actually a pretty generous selection of products that are made in America and are made from recycled or natural materials.  Stop on over check it out!
Now that the preaching is over, I can admit that a big part of the reason for vegetarianism (and the raised environmental/social awareness that comes with it)  is… le ‘wife’ won’t cook meat anymore.  Sad faces all around.
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Ummm, Should I Meditate?

You, A Meditation Cushion And A Tranquil Environment!As you have probably figured out about me, I’m a jack of all trades- master of none.  I’m a very curious person, and enjoy sampling different parts of life.  Working for, I get to talk to so many diverse people that every once and a while I feel like “hey.. you’re interesting.  We need to be friends”.  Usually because I’m talking to somebody that is passionate about something.Â

Lately I’ve been curious about meditation, but how do you learn to meditate by yourself?  What meditation supplies to I need to get started? I’m guessing that these are pretty common question amongst people just starting or wanting to start.  From what I’ve heard from a few customers, for the best meditation experience you simply need a meditation cushion (zafu or zabuton) to make yourself comfy and imagine yourself in a very tranquil place- for example, the beach, the mountains, or a forest.  I’m so easily distracted I would actually need to go to the beach or mountains.  If you’re like me I heard other more “physically-oriented” techniques are more helpful.  You can do things like following your breath, or you can focus on different body sensations.  These sensations will tend to move, and following them is one form of meditation!  The hardest part for me will be to clear my head, but I heard using a mantra is very helful.  Something simple like “Om” or a hum can work.  This is supposed to stop all the random thoughts.  I guess it just takes some practice.  First I need to just get started.  Make it a habit.Â

One of my customers told me I shouldn’t ask so many questions, just do it.  She said questions about best time of day or technique are really disguised ways to look for an EXCUSE not to meditate.  She did say not to meditate right after I eat.  “If you meditate right after you eat, you’ll usually fall asleep.”

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Sweat Baby Sweat!

I was going to do a follow up regarding a blog I posted a couple of weeks back,  but my customer has yet to put his prototype drum together and send me pics. Naturally, I was sweating what I was going to write about so I decided be literal and write about… sweat!

Be aware that I’ve NEVER done HOT YOGA, so I’m mainly referring to what I would call “normal yoga” although I’m sure the same applies.  In any case… It’s well known that individuals’ body chemistry varies greatly.  One of the common issues we run into as a result is that some of our yoga mats are stickier than others… depending on who uses them. My personal favorite mat is the Natural Fitness Elite Yoga Mat.  It’s made of natural rubber so not only is it not filled with chemical softeners like most vinyl, but it just grips.  Being a very, very sweaty individual (ALBEITN CLEAN AND HYGENIC I SWEARTOGOD DON’T JUDGE ME!) at my extremities made me assume that the best option for all sweaty guys and gals would be a natural rubber yoga mat.

WRONG! Something people don’t take into consideration is that everyone’s skin has natural oils that excrete at different levels based on sex, diet, and genetics.  As a result, a person who sweats a lot and very easily yet doesn’t have very oily skin, can benefit from a mat such as the rubber ones.  However, someone who sweats a lot and has oilier (is that a word) skin will most likely need to lay a Yoga Towel on any mat regardless to maintain their grip and comfort on the mat.  Other alternatives for varying body chemistries would be something like Mexican Blankets (we called them “sarapes” when I was growing up).

Well, happy sweating!

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Is Yoga Okay For Kids?

I really wish I would have started yoga as a kid. Not that I’m an avid yogi now, but if you’ve read my blog about the Runyon Canyon Yoga class, then you know I dabble- in whatever is fun for the moment. I’m not the most flexible person, so doing some poses is too difficult, and I’m impatient. I feel having started as a kid would have changed my life. As weird as that sounds, it’s true.  I’d probably be more healthy and active.  Friends of mine who do take yoga seriously, and go at least once a week, seem to have more energy and just over all freshness to them.  I really would love to be able to get into yoga for real and feel as good as I’m sure my friends feel.

One of my friends actually has her 4 year old son in yoga already.  She’s very healthy and “green”, or organic but luckily never tries to force her way of life on me, although if I should make the mistake of asking- I get more information than I can handle.  I asked her why she thinks her son should be doing yoga. “Kids are already, NATURALLY, limber” I said.  “What’s the point?”  She had a lot of good points…

Kids today tend to be more overweight, and there’s not too much we can do about it. Their interests have changed to more technological stimulants which are great mentally but can cause us to neglect our body.  I myself have noticed a trend among younger parents who seem hesitant to enroll their children in sports or activities with a competitive nature. This is causing them to find an alternatives that gives their kids the same benefits as competitive activities. Yoga seems to be the go to. There’s the obvious benefits of flexibility and balance, but it also makes kids more aware of their bodies and can help develop self esteem.

On I found some interesting information about yoga and kids, which I will definitely pass on the my friend. The good news is, so far, there’s nothing to say Yoga can be negative.  You really just have to make sure the kids don’t over stretch their muscles.  Remember that children often don’t know what they’re feeling isn’t normal- it may not always cause pain, per say. They should only practice light stretches or simple poses for no longer than 20-30 mins.  Considering children have lower attention spans and smaller bodies and may not do so hot with position-holding or the meditative aspects of yoga. Try to be playful, mimicking animals is a fun one.  Anything that encourages imagination seems to be popular.  Here are a few good techniques I got from to help you practice yoga with your child.

First, get a yoga mat for kids – not an adult sized yoga mat.  Kids love to do things themselves and the smaller sized kids yoga mats are easier for them to handle on their own, plus there are usually some cool colors and/or designs for the kids to choose from.Â

Now, make doing yoga fun.  Yoga poses have very unusual names, make up games or ideas for your child.  For example, if your child is in Warrior Pose, have him or her imagine being a warrior. Tell them about the strength and courage a warrior would have. In Tree Pose, tell them to imagine what it would be like to be a tree.  Pretend that their legs are strong roots and branches and have your child lift their arms up to the sky like the leaves of a tree, opening to the sun. Â

Allow them to move through poses at their own pace. They may not be able to concentrate for too long on each pose so make the time between each pose shorter.

Do yoga together. This can increase the bond between you and your child.

At the end of your yoga session lead them through a relaxation in Savasana(Corpse Pose) by telling them a story or a visualization such as being birds in a beautiful garden, imagining to be fish in the sea or eagles soaring over green pastures.  This will help calm your child, increase their concentration as well as tap into their creativity.

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SoftRubber – Shiatsu Thai Massage Mats

I received an email from one of my many happy customers and wanted to share it.

I have bought many of your Shiatsu Thai Massage Mats.  We have a series of colleges that are the largest post-secondary education companies in the U.S.  One of our popular courses is to become a Massage therapy Instructor. 

Not only does your shiatsu massage mat hold up to course after course of heavy usage, we have recently bought another product that has helped the students from getting too worn out by the long days of learning and practicing the career.  They’re your interlocking Soft Rubber tiles.   There are so many benefits of this product.  It makes the floor look great, holds up the weight of the tables while also providing some comfort for our students who are standing for hours at a time.

I just wonder what the next product I’m going to find from your company that will help our colleges really stand out.  Thanks so much for all your help and quality products.

- A Very Happy Customer

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