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Children's Play Mats Mats Trade Show Flooring

Interlocking Foam Tiles For Kids – Fun and Safe!

As much as I envy this generation and all the cool toys they get to grow up with, I feel as if they don’t get to use their imaginations as much as I got to.  When I was growing up my Dad, along with the neighbor dad and his son, used to take us to department stores and get empty fridge or washer/dryer boxes. We would take them home and make the most awesome forts!  We could literally spend the whole summer playing in our back yards, in BOXES!

I kind of miss being able to use my imagination like that! I got very nostalgic for simpler times when I was talking to a customer this week who wanted to get some trade show flooring (interlocking foam tiles) for her kids playroom.  That’s very common and I provide people with these types of tiles all the time so their kids can have a colorful, safe, and soft area to play on.  I remember one customer of mine who had a different use!  She said she wants to have a floor her kids can play on or build stuff with, like tunnels.  Right away, my inner child came out and I started thinking how fun it would have been to have tiles like this when I was younger.  I can already imagine the different types of forts I can make.

I actually have some smaller versions of the trade show flooring or kids playroom floor tiles on my desk and arranged them in few different ways that could be fun.  (as seen in pictures) The cool part about having these tiles aInterlocking tiles used for trade show flooring, playroom flooring, or making fun shapes.s a kid would have been that they’re mine, and permanent.  Let me explain.. while the refrigerator boxes were cool , Mom could only stand seeing “trash” in her backyard for so long.  These interlocking tiles would have been awesome!! They look nice are easily stacked and hold up against elements a lot better than cardboard!  We also carry a number and alphabet puzzle mat with removable letters- these don’t interlock with the interlocking trade show tiles but being able to punch out the letters to create windows in my fort would rock! And if you look at the product page for the ABC mats you’ll see a couple other ideas for your tiles like hop-scotch! If you have some of these tiles, or plan on getting some send me pictures of what creative stuff you’re kids do with them!

OMG! Some People Are Actually Interested In Mats!

Anti Fatigue Mats, Trade Show Flooring, Gymnastics Mats - Think About ItOMG! You guys actually read these things?! I didn’t believe it until Mr. Mats himself told us he can see number of people that visit the blogs. That’s great.  Now, I don’t feel like I’m talking to nobody! Not to show my age or anything, but the internet or social media is amazing and has come such a long way from the AOL discs we received in the mail to “try” the internet.  You can literally say anything you want to nobody in particular and somebody interested can seek out the information.  It gives anybody an outlet to discuss or rant about anything they desire.

I’ve had some friends read my blogs and they all seemed less than thrilled. It really took away my motivation. Then I stopped and realized that they have no interest in Gymnastics Mats, or Tradeshow Flooring, or Anti Fatigue Mats so of course they’re not going to find my writings interesting. You guys, however, sought out this information and are probably more entertained/benefited by these. Now that I know I have an audience I think I can be a little more creative. I know we carry a ton of different products, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to talk about them- to myself essentially. I really wish you could comment, I’d love some interaction. You can always call me if you want to talk about the blogs or maybe I sparked a question about something, then maybe I can write a blog inspired by you! Stay tuned, I’m going to start brainstorming ideas to make these blog articles more informative and entertaining.  I should do a youtube channel, where I answer questions! Would you watch?  I’m kidding- kind of.

Sales Without Commission

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much fun I have working here.  I work with mats, so I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m probably exaggerating, but I’m not.  Unlike most sales jobs, we don’t work on commission and we don’t read of scripts.  In my opinion that gives you a pretty unique and “real” experience.  I think not working on commission really helps us stay honest.  I’m sure we’ve all dealt with that less than honest sales person who’s just trying to make a buck and will say whatever it takes.  Because we don’t have quotas or financial incentives I really have no reason to lie or mislead you.  The owners of the company NEVER push us to sell or pressure our customers.  Whether it’s one of our kids play mats, our trade show flooring, rubber gym flooring or any one of the thousands of mat products we offer, our products are quality and the reviews from you guys speak for themselves.  You can be sure that we will never sell you a product that won’t work or you don’t need.

The lack of scripts allows us to be ourselves, we here at all have such different personalities that you’ll know you’re talking to a real person not some robot going through the motions.  We all have our own opinions on how to do things and when you call with questions or problem, it’s really a group effort.  We bounce ideas and solutions off each other and it’s beneficial in making sure you are taken care of properly.  I think that’s what makes working here so stress free.  I know that if I don’t know how to do something or if I don’t have the answer I have co-workers that are there and willing to help me.  We are like a family and work as such.  It’s more about being united as a company and less about being the “star” employee. Being that we have so many products, it’s hard to be an expert on everything but we work as a team and each have our own areas of expertise, so if I’m not 100% sure about a product I can easily get an answer for you.

So, whether it’s your first time calling us, or you’re a repeat customer, I hope this gave you a little insight into our company and how much we actually care about you and what we do.

You Want Our Crosslink Foam Rolls To Do What?

Crosslink Foam Rolls will float in this lake.As I’ve said before, I never knew there was such a demand for the products we here at provide and I am always curious when people use our products for anything other than what it’s intended for.  That said, I got a phone call the other day from a man who wanted to purchase a roll of our non carpeted crosslink rolls so he could make what he called a Water Pad.  We tell customers all the time that our foam is closed cell, therefore it doesn’t absorb liquid (typically referring to sweat or drinks) – I never thought that it would float.  He seemed to want me to assure him that our crosslink foam rolls would work like he wanted and I just couldn’t.  We already tell customers that we don’t warrant our products to be suitable for any particular purpose and will not be liable for any injuries that may result during the use of these products.  However, I wouldn’t feel right assuring somebody that a product will work when it won’t, or if I know it will have other problems down the line.  I decided to do an experiment:

I took one of our crosslink foam samples and let it float in a bowl of water 8 hours, then let it dry naturally for 15 hours. I then submerged it in water completely for 24 hours, letting it dry naturally over the weekend. I was trying to determine whether the foam would retain its buoyancy, absorb water or start to smell.  It did nothing.  It still looks like it looked before coming in contact with the water and hasn’t expanded or started producing any kind of mildew smell.

I then started testing how much weight the foam could withstand before sinking, and I found that a little 4.5”x4.5” piece of foam, that weighs .5oz, was able to keep a piece of 4.5”x4.5” rubber, that weighs 1.2lbs, a float. 

I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure that I could now tell that man with confidence that the foam would work as water pad.  I think these rolls would be perfect when I go boating. Whether you’re out on a lake or out at sea you can throw one of rolls over board and have a floating dock to tan on or to help you get on and off your jet skis.  One full sized roll (rolled up) is only 6’ tall and 3.5’ wide and can be easily thrown in the back of your truck or boat OR cut up into smaller more manageable pads. These are just a few of my ideas, it is your responsibility to determine the appropriate use.  One of my co-workers customers decided to use this product as part of his trade show booth design – not as the trade show flooring, but as part of the design.  So, be creative… and let me know if you come up with another unique use of this or any other of our many versatile products.

Soft Rubber Interlocking Tiles

Our SoftRubber Interlocking Tiles have become very popular since their release not very long ago.

For fitness areas where people are doing aerobics and other exercises but also want to have their fitness equipment in the same area these Soft Rubber Interlocking Tiles . They have a nice softer layer of foam that is protected on top with a thinner layer of rubber to stiffen up the tile.  So customers for home and larger commercial gyms can finally have a tile that gives both the anti fatigue properties to have a cushioned surface and not have their equipment sink into the tile.

For tradeshow events where people are tired of renting carpet or other types of trade show flooring for every show, soft rubber flooring is a great alternative.  Purchasing your own flooring will provide a cost savings, comfort and a unique appealing flooring surface.  For many tradeshow areas these softer interlocking tiles, which are a type of anti fatigue flooring, provide thousands of people with a nice cushioned surface to walk on, they are easy to install and look great.  Best of all, these anti fatigue properties don’t mean you have flooring that is too soft, the top rubber surface is stiff and can withstand heavier equipment if needed.

There are many other applications where these interlocking rubber flooring tiles are a great fit and we have gotten tons of positive feedback on how well they hold up, the ease of installation and improved look of the area.  As a sales representative at, our SoftRubber Tiles are one of my favorite products to sell because it really does fit a niche that was missing in the industry for so many years.

Vox Filter Using Foam Tiles, Who Knew?

In addition to being a sales representative at, I currently own and operate a small project studio and record label out of my house.  We track bands, produce them, and occasionally take some projects out on the road.  Working at for the past 3+ years has been that additional bread and butter that securely pays the bills when the music can’t.  
I’ve often found myself scheming over which one of our products can cross over and apply in the music field.  Until recently, vocal or voiceover recording were not really something that was that problematic.  However, upon my most recent project, I decided that I really needed a vocal isolation booth.  Being expensive to build and impractical to house in my current living space, I turned to some of our sample materials here at the office to do some creative problem solving. 
I took a few samples of our 5/8″ EVA foam interlocking tiles with the carpeted top, which is typically used as interlocking foam flooring for a basement, playroom, exercise room or as trade show booth flooring.  Using a wireframe for the outside (to hold the shape) and cutting and molding it to size, I was able to make a isolation panel that sits and in housed right on the microphone stand to clean up all the reflections from the back wall! Also pictured, the front side uses a piece of memory foam from an old mattress.  It’s not perfect by any means, but the difference in my vocal tracks is ASTOUNDING! No more echo or flutter in my tracks, only clean, dry, broadcast quality isolated vocals ready for additional treatment or sweetening.
A perfect example of how, with a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, a lot of our products can be used for un-common applications with unexpectedly great results.

Display Flooring

I work for a mat company as a sales representative and I sell a lot of mats.  One of the most common product lines is our trade show flooring for trade show booths.  There is a large selection to choose from and various styles and colors as well.  In addition to the trade show booth flooring customers are often also interested in display flooring to highlight or feature something within the booth.
With that in mind, I’d like to share with you a note I recently received from one of my customers:
“I have been looking and looking and looking for a product that I can place under the different boats that I build for my customers to place in there businesses. I have bought tiles that aren’t strong enough or don’t look nearly as nice as your tiles. Not only were they easy to install and provide protection for the kids playing on them It has helped my business to really boom. I can’t thank you guys enough for not only supplying this product but for the service that I got from the sales and customer service staff.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 
What a unique use for our trade show flooring and what great feedback from one my customers.  Thanks Tom!

Trade Show Floor – AntiFatigue Flooring That Looks Great Too!

Trade Show FlooringCustomers who are upset let you know it, but if someone is extremely happy with a product or service they generally don’t let you know it.  That wasn’t the case for  One customer, Jeffrey of ShelfGenie – Boston, wrote:

I recently purchased a 10×20 wood foam floor [wood film laminate] for our ShelfGenie HomeShow display trade show booth flooring.

We exhibited this at the Suburban Boston Home Show in Wilmington, Massachusetts.  The show was a great success.  Thousands of people came by our booth over a 3 day period, and hundreds of them walked on your floor to spend some time with us.  Several hundred more took a break from walking on the concrete floor and greatly appreciated resting their sore feet on the mat. 

We lost count of the number of people who asked us where we got our trade show floor.  It was at least several dozen – both consumers and other exhibitors.

The response to our booth flooring was so strong that it prompted me to write.

Trade Show Shipping Cases For Your Trade Show Flooring

Trade show shipping cases for your trade show flooringIf you are one of the thousands of people who are responsible for setting up, cleaning up and/or working at your company’s trade show booth throughout the year then you know the importance of the surface you stand on.  Trade show booth flooring can assist with the look of your booth, add comfort for you and your visitors and hopefully be re-used (because they can be expensive).

The best bet for your money is to purchase one of the many styles of interlocking trade show floor tiles.  These are typically the most affordable and, if cared for properly, you can use over and over again.  Trade show shipping cases can protect your interlocking floor tiles when transporting them to and from tradeshows.  Additionally, these cases can protect the flooring tiles when being stored in between tradeshows.

A hard portable trade show shipping case with wheels would allow you to store your trade show flooring, ship the flooring directly to your trade show location(s) and easily transport it to and from your booth if the case comes with a handle and wheels.  Protect your investment and make it easier on yourself at the same time with portable trade show shipping cases.

Logo Mats

Logo MatsCustom logo mats are a great way to advertise at the entrance of your business or trade show booth.  They are inviting, look great and help to promote your company or brand at the same time. Whether you have your own trade show flooring or rent your tradeshow floors a carpet logo mat may be just what you need.Â

Some logo mats are vinyl backed and some are rubber backed.  Vinyl mats will be less expensive, but are also less durable.  In addition, many rubber backed mats are actually machine washable.

There are many different ways to produce a logo mat. Some manufacturing processes use inferior “overprinting” where screen printing or transfer printing merely adds color to the tops of the carpet fibers, which ultimately wears off.   A higher quality and longer lasting process uses micro-jets that directly inject the dye deep into the carpet fibers, producing vibrant yet durable and fade-resistant mats.

Carpet logo mats are available in various stock sizes, but custom sizes are also available if desired/needed.  Artwork submission, proof approval, production and delivery is typically about 4 weeks.


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