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Door Mats Mats

Commercial Indoor Outdoor Mats Keep You From Slip Sliding Away!

Outside Floor Mats Will Keep You From Slipping!The rains are here in good old Southern California and thus the hazards that come with it.  You see here in California, and especially in the Los Angeles area, no one knows how to drive in the rain!  Despite the fact that we have one of the highest percentages per population of drivers on the road, and a huge transit system, it wouldn’t seem that a little bit of water just frightens everyone.  I think that if anyone in Los Angeles ever saw real weather they would cower and hide.

Driving is not the only hazard in Cali with the rains, oh no! You see we just are not equipped to deal with weather, of any kind.  We don’t have real seasons here, just Fall and Summer…that’s about it.  So when it rains and things get wet, people in buildings, offices, and even retail locations don’t think about putting down entry mats.  These mat runners are very useful for giving us patrons and employees a bit a traction on our wet feet as we cross in over that nicely polished, slick floor just waiting to claim its first victim of the new season.  I found this out the hard way this very morning.

So as I walked in, coffee in hand, dreams of sugar-plums still dancing in my head, I did not even think that the floor didn’t have commercial indoor outdoor mats and that this would be a rough start to the day indeed.  So before I knew it I was staring at the ceiling, on my back, coffee still in hand (I have my priorities you see) and wondering what just happened.

Needless to say after this little snafu, when I came downstairs later for lunch; low and behold nice new office entry mats lay in front of the door.   Despite my little brush with death this morning, I am certainly glad to see that tomorrow there will not be a repeat of it.  So watch your step, drive safely and here is to a short Winter.

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Welcome Mats, Spirits And Wizards!

Entry mats serve many purposesAfter the New Year’s festivities this last week, I would highly recommend to you as I have to my friends; to invest in new door mats! Needless to say, I most certainly drank far too much on New Year’s, as I’m sure many of us did. Due to my competitive nature, and my fellow New Year’s Eve-ers playing the oh-so fun game of Wizard (Definitely look that one up); I eventually found myself in a peculiar and somewhat uncomfortable situation later in the evening. Namely I found myself passed out on my friends welcome mats.

Now this front door mat was by far not the most comfortable or supportive of entry mats. Though seeing as though I was semi-conscious at the time this fact did not reveal itself to me till the early hours of the morning. Now I know what you’re thinking, these are not made for that. Indeed, home doormats are made for the effective wiping of feet and overall upkeep and cleanliness of the home; agreed. However, I love things that are multi-purposed and if only my dear friends would have found some time to update their door mat to a more “accommodating” mat perhaps I would have woken slightly more refreshed and rejuvenated…still confused of course, but rested perhaps.

Needless to say the Wizard (yours truly) will be updating my own outdoor doormats at home in preparation for another such evening. Fore anything can be a resting place for a wary Wizard and every mat needs a home. So the time for updating those mats is at hands everyone. Trust me your neighborhood wizards will certainly thank you.

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Indoor Entrance Mats To The Rescue!

Entrance mats can be custom made as carpet runnersI love being a host.  There’s so much more to a party than a group of people and food. To me the point of a party is to get away from the daily norm and relax. Whenever I host a get together I try to transform my house as much as possible. Decorations are an important part.  There is just something about decorations that makes everyone want to celebrate. Decorations makes a party, well, seem more like a party. 

Aside from decorations I make other slight alterations to my house, from rearranging furniture to taking down things that can be broken.  In the bathroom I put hand sanitizers, gum, lotion and anything else a good bathroom attendant might provide. It’s also pretty common for there to be Dry erase markers next to every mirror in the house so you can leave messages or draw pictures, silly string so you can just be silly. Basically I like to give my guests the feeling that they can let loose and not worry about messes. Silly string can be cleaned up, dry erase markers wipe up, spills on wood wipe right up and couch covers protect the furniture.  I try to just let people have a fun experience. But the one part of my house that is forever being damaged by my get togethers is my hallway carpet.  Being white, it shows every drip or drop or sneeze and I hate it!

I tried towels and plastic but both look so unbelievably tacky, that I would rather have dirty carpet. I usually put strobe lights and a smoke machine in my hallway to hide the carpet and the walls I need to paint. Problem is, I think that causes more spills.

Entrance matscould be the answer. I thought about buying a carpet runner, but they can be so expensive! I’ve spent years trying to solve this problem, all the while having the perfect inexpensive product here!  Our Standard Olefin indoor entrance mats would be perfect for my hallway! The Standard Olefin mats are typically entrance mats, but with  a customizable length up to 60’, it can easily be a used as carpet runners.  Plus! The colors are not only darker, but kind of two toned which will help hide dirt.  Come to think of it, this might be a good permanent solution to my hallway (since replacing the carpet isn’t an option right now). Although I would probably go with one of our nicer mats, like the Plush Olefin or rubber floor mats like the Royale,  if it was going to be permanent.

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Water Absorbing Mats Can Help Your Dog Sleep When It’s Cold!

Heated foot warmer floor mats may work to keep these dogs warm.After 10 months of summer here in California, winter weather has finally arrived. I know I complain about the wishing and hoping for rain, wind and cold.  But it’s still kind of unbearable! During these cold winter months it’s hard enough for humans to stay warm, (I do love my heated footrest and foot warmer mat) imagine how it must feel to be a dog or cat. I thought about that last night when my dogs broke into the house! They have a doggy door that leads into my laundry room (which I separate from the rest of the house with a babygate) and being as their floor heater broke I guess they were desperate and had no choice but to break in for heat. Our pets can’t throw on a sweater when they feel a chill, and they can’t tell us when their joints hurt. We have the luxury of staying inside on cold winter days if we so choose, but not our dogs. They still have to venture into the cold to “do their business” several times a day. So, what can we do as pet owners to make sure our pets have the best possible care during these frigid winter days?  Here are some tips:

  • Keep your cat inside, which is a harder task than it sounds. My cats are ninjas and have figured out how to open windows. Outdoors, felines can freeze sometimes sleep under the hoods of cars. When the motor is started, the cat can be injured or killed by the fan belt. I sadly did this to a possum a few nights ago so it CAN happen.
  • Never let your dog off the leash on snow or ice, especially during a snowstorm, dogs can lose their scent and easily become lost. Also, remember to thoroughly wipe off your dog’s legs and stomach when he comes in out of the sleet, snow or ice. They don’t have the ability to use snow and ice mats like us.
  • If your dogs sleep on tile, put down a rug that can help insulate them and also can absorb water or ice that they bring in with them. (good water absorbing mats like our Sponge mat is perfect)
  • Never shave your dog down to the skin in winter, as a longer coat will provide more warmth.
  • Never leave your dog or cat alone in a car during cold weather. Just like the heat in the summer, the weather is amplified in a closed car.
  • Does your dog spend a lot of time engaged in outdoor activities? Increase his supply of food, particularly protein, to keep him, and his fur, in tip-top shape.
  • Make sure your companion animal has a warm place to sleep, off the floor (or at least on good indoor mats) and away from all drafts.

The Weather Channel also shares some valuable information about winter pet care. They explain how to watch your pets closely for signs of discomfort with the cold when you are outside with them. If they whine, shiver, seem anxious, slow down or stop moving, or start to look for warm places to burrow, they’re saying they want to get back someplace warm.

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Snow And Ice Melting Mats Can Be A Pain In The Stockings!

It’s cold.  It’s snowing.  You’ve got your heated floor mats  outside.  It’s great.  We are all thoroughly enjoying the 6 inches of snow and cool breeze of winters delight…Said no one in Los Angeles, ever!

 Nevertheless, we are just one lowly spread out city inhabited by millions of individuals parading around in our sun basked joy. For those of you (un)lucky snowy mountaineers, New Englanders, or Mid-Westerners, getting the snow off your doormats can be a pain in the stockings!

 But fret not, just jingle over to our Snow and Ice Melting Mats and plug that sucker in. Make sure all the jolly holiday sprit oozing from those friendly neighborhood carolers’ pie-holes is met with nice, warm, comfy, toasty, and non-slip-hazard comfort when they come to your door! Feel free to check out our foot warmer mat selection as well and get all toasty comfy for the cold! Snuggles!

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Door Mats Are Just The Ticket!

Home Door Mats: Indoor & Outdoor MatsWith Fall and Winter upon us everyone’s shoes will be collecting a lot of fun things on your way from your car to your door step.  This is exactly why our home door mats or our office door mats are just the ticket to keep your sanctum and home nice and tidy.  Instead of bringing in water, leaves, mud and other wary travelers on the under-side of your boot soles; simply scuff them off on one of our entry mats.  We have Outdoor Door Mats, and Indoor Door Mats for those that require that extra level of cleaning comfort for those wore-weary shoes of yours.

Whether you’re just for the function of our Clean Scrape Doormats, or need the visual appeal of our 3D Home Door Mats, and Materpiece Door Mats; we’ve always got a mat for that. Perhaps you’re the industrial type, or have an office that you need to lay down some Door Mats for the season.  I know that as I walk into the office I see the Misson Trapper Mats and Simplicity Rib Mats at our entry ways for those rainy days.  In addition, we have a large variety of eco friendly door mats.

No matter the season, purpose, function, or aesthetic our Indoor Door Mats and Outdoor Doormats are there to ensure that what is outside, won’t make its way inside. As always a fond week to your all and get ready for the Holidays!

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Door Mats So Durable They Can Thwart Off An Army Of The Undead!

As we are fast approaching the almighty holiday that is Halloween, I’m sure we have all given thought; if not preparation to our Halloween costumes.  We have spent extended periods of time in our local stores perusing the candy isle, and if you’re like me perhaps taking home some samples as well.  But have you given any thought to your outdoor mats?  Your front home doormat will be getting plenty of traffic this coming week.Â

Hordes of goblins, zombies, vamps, and ghouls.  All on the hunt for candy and treats, tricking and treating up and down the block and all over your door mats.  Whether you need a new mat now in preparation or another just in case, we have a massive selection to choose from.   Entry Door Mats so durable that they could thwart off an army of the undead…and look good doing it.  3D Impressions Home Door Mats that would distract those pesky zombies long enough for you to run and hide or if you’re brave, a Rubber Door Mat Weave.  You can load up the weave with garlic to ward off those sneaky vampires, and then simply hose it off good as new once the sun rises.

No matter your foe, or your holiday needs; we’ve got it.  So to all those out there in the deep dark night this Halloween; have fun, be safe and Happy Holidays!

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Indoor Entrance Floor Mats To The Rescue!

We’re now entering our 8th month of summer here in So Cal.  You Easterners probably think we’re spoiled, complaining about the perfect weather, but too much of a good thing… Plus, not having regular rain really makes us unprepared.  I’m not even going to discuss the fact that people out here suddenly become crippled when it comes to driving in the rain. Â

I exaggerate, of course, but it’s so perfect all the time that I’m not properly prepared when it does rain.  I don’t own an umbrella.  I seriously lack proper footwear.  Thank goodness I have proper entrance mats to clean off all the gook my shoes collect!  I have hardwood floor, so cleaning up is no problem.  But, I HAVE HARDWOOD FLOORS!!  Water and ick can’t possibly be good for it.  The grains are starting to look a little darker next to my doors.

 I had a customer call me the other day who was from Georgia.  She said her door mats get so saturated with water, they are useless.  She wanted something that would help keep moisture and dirt off her floors, but didn’t have to be hung to dry every day.  I suggested our Sponge Mat, which got me thinking about my own house.  They look pretty nice and actually trap up to a gallon and a half of water per square yard! Â

The other thing I love about indoor entrance floor mats, well this one, is the grippers on the back.  I already have a problem with my furniture slipping and sliding, and it’s heavy!  I think I’m going to get matching indoor entrance mats for my front and back door, which has a dog door on it and leads into my laundry room.  My dogs coming in and out all day is really taking its toll on my tile.  I would think since the “channels” in the Sponge Mat can trap water, it stands to reason they can trap dirt and hair and dust (instead of my grout!).  If I had it my way I’d have my whole house optimized in stuff.

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Water Absorbing Entry Mats For the Rain & Snow Season

Welcome mats and entry doormatsWe finally got some much needed rain here in Los Angeles!  I noticed that our office building, as well as other stores that I go to, started putting out their new water absorbing entry mats.  No one wants to see there customers sliding around and nice entrance mats can really improve the appeal of a store, office building or your home.  I have been to locations that have old office floor mats that you basically slip over after a couple people walk on them.  

Beautify your home with our wide selection of economical welcome mats and entry doormats.  Certain states that get more rain and snow need floor mats that can really absorb and hold in water. has a very large selection of entrance door mats that can handle areas that have little traffic to heavier duty mats that can really soak in and hold the water in the mat.  These mats are also easy to clean and maintain.

One of our more heavy duty mats, called the Sponge mat, can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard!  It also has rubber grippers on the underside to minimize slippage.  No matter what look, style or size you may need will have it!  We can even customize mats to fit your area.  So when you’re ready to improve the look and keep people from tacking water, dirt and snow all over the place, take a look at our large selection of commercial outdoor entrance mats.

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Eddie LeRoy or The Hautman Brother Collection – Awesome Scenic Wildlife Rugs

Rain… Door mats…The smell of wet earth and asphalt beneath our feet.  The subtle scents of maple embers gently burning upon open fires everywhere.  The deep green hues of hill sides on the horizon brought back to life by the life inducing breath of fresh precipitation.  I can really start to see, hear, and smell it all around me this time of year.  You say you don’t?  Then you must be in southern California; where Summer is perpetual and the middle finger is the universal commuter greeting.  Tragic for someone as in love with cold, gloomy weather as I am… Luckily, the last couple of days have been quite autumn-esque with the aforementioned delights.  By far, Autumn weather is THE sexiest weather of all.  Sure.  Some of you beach bodies out there relish in the supposed delights of SoCal summer with its warm breezes, hot sun, hot women, and the perpetual, mostly-infernally hot air. Â

Not me, though. Give me some rain, some scotch, and a fireplace for me and my sweetheart to re-enact our late night Best-of-80′s-R&B infomercials. You know the ones.  Fire place, aqua-net hair, cheap wine for the lady, tacky sweaters, and that awesome, and I mean AWESOME, Scenic Wildlife Rugs designed by Eddie LeRoy and the Hautman Brothers!

What better way to channel my inner romantic than to proudly display A PACK OF WOLVES (yes that’s right, freakin WOLVES! when inviting the misses for a fire side ‘chat’.  Did I mention WOLVES! ON MY FLOOR! YES!!!!  Or perhaps you’re more of a buck?  Fret not, dear friend. Woo her untamable spirit with the Eddie LeRoy Elk design.  Perhaps you’re neither of those, however.  Maybe what you need is the immovable fixation of the FOCUSED COUGAR (yes, that’s a real mat!!) Shine like the solitary beast you are!  If none of those tickle yours or her fancy, we’ve got bears, more wolves on the move, spring turkeys.  Did I mention we’ve got a MAJESTIC TIGER! YOU CAN’T BE A MAHOGONY FURNITURE-OWNING MAN WIHTOUT ONE!  Turn up the Luther Vandross or Michael McDonald and get on that mother.  The home rug, I mean.

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