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Children's Play Mats Mats

Kids Area Rugs Fun For The Whole Family!

Kids Game Rugs - Play And Learn At The Same Time!As a father of three very active children, I look across a veritable sea of discarded and outgrown toys, games, and activities every time I trek through the garage to my car. It always occurs to me that I should figure out a way to repurpose some of these leaning towers of misfit toys before I get buried in an avalanche of brightly colored plastic and foam.

One of the items in particular catches my eye every time I squeeze into the drivers compartment. It’s bright, it’s campy, and it’s still in great condition. It’s a marble kids game rugs game that was purchased for my son before he had the hand to eye coordination to use marbles for anything other than nose plugs. For most people, playing a game of marbles now-a-days would be akin to playing with a hoop and stick for my generation. I remember growing up and collecting marbles with the exact same fervor that my son collects Pokémon cards.

The thought of this activity would not leave me. I located a place that sold large scale ball bearing for my “steelies” purchased a “bag o’ marbles” from Toys R Us and set about dust busting that old kids play carpet. My son, who is now 11, was skeptical when I asked him to come play marbles, as if I had asked him to make a rubber band banjo (hmm. . . that may be a future project now). Soon, we were haggling over who got what “shooter”, “I’ll give you the big steelie, if I can have the aggie and the marble with the flag in it”, “If you get the first pick, I get the next two picks.” After a while the ruckus we were causing drew in my 13 and 15 year old daughters. My wife even got into the act bringing up snack and lemonade that we ate right on that carpet with no fear because THAT IS WHAT IT WAS MADE FOR!

My intention was to try and re-use, rather than throw away a garage relic. I gained an activity that my whole family enjoys AND I found that MatsMatsMats sells this online as well as several other kids activity mats. I will be buying the Parcheesi marble game mat for our new family game night that does not require a computer, game console or even electricity.

Tumbling Mats To Exercise Balls – Little Tike’s It’s Gym Time!

Tumbling Mats, Exercise Balls, Climbing Ropes, And More In Kids Gyms!A few weeks ago I found myself hanging around with my little almost nephew.  I say almost, since I am technically not blood related.  He is the son of one of my friends sisters, however being like family that we are; I am his uncle.  Now that we have that cleared up; there I was sitting around with the little man and wondering what to do.  This guy loves his video games, and don’t we all? Boys and their toys, right? I thought however that I needed to get this guy up and moving, give him a little visceral interaction, he is a little dude and he should be running a bit wild at this point.  So I called my friend who works at a local kids gym.  Seeing as though he was working that day, I decided to take the little tike over to the gym and let him play and move and jump and what have you with the other wee ones this day.

Now if you have never seen a kid’s gym, you’re definitely in for a surprise.  It’s like the veritable playground that you would have dreamt of as a child; or at least I know that I did.   A whole wall of climbing rope all the way to the ceiling.  Gigantic exercise ball with kids rolling, and bouncing all over the place.  Even incline mats for rolling, and a whole floor of tumbling mats and crash pads for the little folks to jump and throw themselves around on…and for safety of course.

But it is not just all play, the kids do learn quite a bit while they are there.  My friend that works there is a coach. He groups the kids together and supervises them in exercises and even games, teaching them as they play. It great for many reasons,  it gets the little guys moving and learning about their health and bodies as well as giving you a little time to breath and take some time for yourself. Needless to say my nephew had a great time and he has certainly asked to go back again. So if you have a little gymnast or just want to have your little ones play and exercise is a good environment, definitely check out your local kid’s gyms…They’re loaded with many different types of kids exercise equipment.

Daycare Supplies That Are Phthalate Free!!!

Daycare nap mats phthalate free!Phthalates. The deadly, evil, plasticizers. These chemicals are industrial compounds used to soften plastics and were shown to be commonly found in a wide array of children’s toys and products.

As of February 10th of the year 2009, the Consumer Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) required that all products a child could potentially put in their mouth must be phthalate free and contain lower levels of lead and other heavy metals. This would apply to just about all toys or kids products that are generally used in daycares and pre-schools such as nap mats for kids, cots, and certain toys.

Since the CPSIA was enacted, has made a concerted effort to phase out all kids products that contained lead or phthalates and replace them with equivalent products that meet or exceed this new requirement. Everything from cots, nap and rest mats, tumbling mats, and bean bag chairs can be found in our kids daycare supplies section. If you are a parent or daycare provider, be sure to educate yourself and protect your children from products that may contain excessive amounts of these harmful chemicals. You can also view additional information regarding the CPSIA at

Carpted Floor Mats Make Learning More Fun!

Kids area rugs make are an excellent play mat!There were few things that excited me as much, when I was a child, as cars and trains. Perhaps it was the details of train sets and matchbox cars, or the novelty of large machinery that I had no idea how it worked.  Moreover, how it could be scaled down for me to interact with rearrange and play with how I saw fit.  Kids area rugs would have made all the difference and I would have been learning too!

My main peeve was always that there was no universal play set carpeted floor mats of sorts, that would really engulf and put me in a zone. I was lucky enough to have a fairly large train set, however, I do remember the train set not being conducive to the epic car chases in my head (since it was all very scaled and as my dad described not a toy).

Heroic cops vs robbers or just a plain busy day of construction was pretty much always on tile or plain carpet. I know that if I had kids play mats to play on it would have been so much cooler.  That’s why one of the products I know I would’ve loved as a kid (especially as a Christmas gift) is our transportation and construction themed play carpet. The details are awesome! It is perfect when playing with toy cars, planes, trains, and even boats. Let your kids imagination run wild with a simple yet effective alternative to a full blown expensive play set.

Play carpet or carpeted floor mats are excellent for day care centers, schools or home use. The quality of the kids play rugs as well as the large selection of colors, sizes and themes to choose from make it easy to find the perfect interactive educational rugs that will no doubt make learning fun! So, look at any of our many kids play carpets and I’m sure you and your child will find a carpet that will enhance their enjoyment!

Gymnastic Equipment In Stock For The Holidays – Sure To Cheer You Up!

Yes! The holidays! So much joy and holiday cheer and fireside chats and sing-alongs. But don’t forget the most important thing of all…PRESENTS! For without presents, our children might actually start asking why we’re not around as much!

Seriously, though, folks.. I strongly implore you to browse and peruse through our many in-stock gymnastic mats and other items this holiday season.  Lest we forget our aspiring little gymnasts mini high bar, or perhaps a  balance beam, or any of our many other types of gymnastic equipment. The next McKayla Maroneys of the country are hard at work on their spring boards in order to one day fulfill the dreams of a nation!

 So this holiday season, be sure to get in on our Christmas delivery guaranteed items and if you didn’t quite make it, there’s always our Santa Letter you can show to the wee ones. Make sure to cover your bases, parents!

Rest Mats For Thanksgiving…That Will Do The Trick!

Folding Rest Mat is commonly used as a nap matWell campers, the legendary holiday of the Giving of Thanks (Thanksgiving to the laymen) is now upon us! That means good food, good friends, and the family, with all the fixin’s.  Spending the day in good company and gorging yourself on all you can eat turkey and stuffing.  As we all know, Thanksgiving is the universal day of excess, and with that comes the inevitable “itis”.  Whether you know it by name or not, you all know the feeling.  “Itis” is caused by the chemical tryptophan, which makes you feel oh so sleepy.  Tryptophan is found in high concentrations in…you guessed it! Turkey.  So no matter what you’re up to this Thanksgiving, there will certainly be some much needed napping in your future.  Well, as always we’ve got floor mats for that!

Anyone of our Rest Mats would do the trick nicely.  Now you say, ‘hey aren’t these for kids and day cares?’ Yes they certainly are. I don’t know about you, but I have been missing ‘nap time’ since it went the way of the buffalo after kindergarten.  So call me sentimental, but after more than 2 decades of pining for nap time, I think I have found the perfect way to work that back into my life in some small way…Thanksgiving.

Trust me, you will all thank me for this.  So let the food settle and the “itis” begin.  No need to worry about having enough room for family and friends to lay their heads, just lay down anyone of our Rest Mats and let the much needed snoozing begin!  Our Rest Mats for kids come in all colors and thicknesses to suit any grown child; like myself, and perhaps you.  From our Standard Folding Rest Mat, Supreme Folding Rest Mat, or even our Supreme Pillow Top Rest Mat (my favorite!), we certainly have a mat to suit your holiday nap time needs.

So from all of us here at MatsMatsMats, Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy!

Gymnastics Equipment to Dance Equipment and More – All Made in America!

I was going through all the wonderful comments you guys make on our website and I was pleased to see how many of you decided to go with our company because a product was Made in America. I knew our Gymnastics Equipment as well as our Dance Equipment and many of our other products, are made in America.  Whenever I hear “Buy American” I usually see it as a marketing ploy. I can’t stand salesmen or ploys to trick me into buying something (which will make me the most honest salesman ever). I went online to look up actual reasons to buy USA made products and I’m going share with you my favorite:

-Foreign labor standards allow unsafe worker conditions in many countries. When you buy American you support not only American manufacturers but also American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.

-US manufacturing processes are much cleaner for the environment than many other countries; many brands sold here are produced in countries using dangerous, heavily polluting processes. When you purchase American-made product, you know that you’re helping to keep the world a little cleaner for your children.

-The growing lack of USA ability to manufacture many products is strategically unsound. When you seek out American-made goods, you foster American independence.

- Foreign product safety standards are low. For example, poisonous levels of lead are in tens of millions of toys shipped to the USA. When you buy toys and other goods made in the USA, you can be confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place to protect your family.

- As the US manufacturing ability fades, future generations of US citizens will be unable to find relevant jobs. Buy American and help keep your friends and neighbors-and even yourself-earning a living wage

-Shipping anything from overseas can take a long time and be pricey when you consider duties and fees that have to be paid. Even if you don’t order directly from another country, if the company you do order from gets their products from overseas- they most likely pass those extra fees onto you

I was going to list all our products that are made in the good ol’ U S of A, but then I discovered it’s too many.  From Gymnastics to Dance, you can be sure it’s made here- even most of our Anti Fatigue Mats.  In fact, the things you won’t find are made here are the Soft Floor Tiles (trade show flooring) and our Yoga Mat.  But I guess you can’t win them all.

Soft Floor Interlocking Tiles, Among Others, Are Perfect For Christmahanakwanzika Kids Gifts!

Christmahanakwanzika is coming and I’d like to tell you guys about my favorite products.  Unless you’re a gymnast or dancer yourself, you might not know what things to look for- let me help!

My most favorite product is by far the Mylar Mirror.  They have the most clear reflection (better than a regular mirror) and they don’t reflect a lot of light which makes those duckface pictures in the mirror so much easier to take, since the flash doesn’t bounce back at you! Just kidding!! If you’re a dancer you know that the reflection of a light can obstruct your view of yourself, which makes rehearsing in front of a mirror kind of pointless. There are also no ghost images.  So if you’re standing further away, you won’t see a blurry or double image of yourself.  I also really like how light these glassless mirrors are. Whether you have them on rolling frames or mounted to the wall, they are easy to maneuver or reposition. The other cool thing about them being so light (especially if you have school and you need multiple mirrors) is that whether you purchase one or six, shipping cost will stay the same.

My next favorite product would probably be the Softwood or Soft Floor Interlocking Tiles.  The wood ones I really want to put in my living room. Every once in a while I want to lie on my stomach and watch TV, but I don’t have carpet so it’s not very comfortable.  Having these foam tiles would make it much better.  Since they look like wood I wouldn’t have to worry about putting them away- this speaks to my laziness.  A lot.  The colored ones are great for kids playrooms, the Soft Rubber Tiles work amazingly in work out areas or washrooms where you’re potentially standing on your feet for a while. Over all the Soft Floor Tiles are very versatile.

The Matlay Dance Floor is another product I wish I would have known about when I used to dance. I can’t tell you how many splinters I’ve gotten from trying to dance on wood, and you certainly can’t tap on wood, or tile for that matter. The Matlay floor is a smooth, and strong, material that allows you to move smoothly and protects any floor if you happen to tap.  One other great thing about Matlay flooring, if you tap or have people in your house that do, is that it helps muffle the sounds.

Lastly, I like the Folding Exercise Mat.  The fold in half, which makes storing them and taking them out very easy.  They might come in handy this weekend…I’m having a party and there are always people that are too..uh…tired to go home so I could just pull out a mat from my closet or under a couch and let them sleep there.

“Interlocking Carpet Tile Flooring, Perhaps?” The Mat Salesman, PART I

Once upon a morning dreary, after stumbled, late and weary,

Upon many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten quotes,

While I nodded, nearly sleeping, suddenly there came a ringing

As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my telephone.

“Thank you for calling,” I muttered, “How may I help you”

Only this I’ve said before…

Ah, distinctly I remember, this customers wish me dismembered

As each separate dying ember, wrought their ill forgotten quote.

“I called twice, good sir, last morrow – and I must insist you follow…

follow up on promised rubber flooring quotes!”

“I need rubber mats for my brood! They play rough, I must conclude,

that as such they’re safety surely would be skewed.”

Deep into the darkness peering, of my screen with products gleaming

Out I shot my first suggestion, “Interlocking carpet tile flooring perhaps?  It makes the ideal play room floor.”

I questioned others

“Folding mats, Gym mats, or Wrestling mats for the young in violence nestling?”

Bored and uninterested

Quoth the customer “Nevermore…”

Flabbergasted there I pondered, through the phone her children wandered

With their screaming deep inside the burrows of my soul.

What would appease this consumer beast

With needs ill met by merchants there before…

“Please, on hold you’ll wait

While I try and formulate some kind of discount for you more.”

PART II next week!

Gymnastic Tumbling Mats – Check Out Our Large Selection and Many Uses!

tumbling mats for home or club useWe have one of the largest selections of folding mats.  These are generally used as gymnastic tumbling mats, but we have customers that use them for everything from an exercise mat to martial arts mats.

Not only do we have a huge variety of sizes and styles we can create custom folding mats to the size you would like.  And if you don’t want velcro tabs, no problem.  We recently just added two more styles to our selection.  They are for the girls out there and one has flowers and the other has hearts on the mat.  One thing that makes these mats so popular is that you can set them up when in use and then fold them up and put them in your closet or storage area when done.

 So, when you get a chance, please take a look at the variety of what we offer and if you need a special mat size not shown or any assistance just let us know


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