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Rolled Rubber In New Drum?

During the last few years of working at, I have had the good fortune of talking to more than a few interesting customers.  I was contacted by Keith  Pickens of Percussion Design LLC this week to talk about our  rolled rubber (which has many uses, most notably as gym flooring).  Their company is designing a new type of electronic drum that circumvents triggers and instead uses the natural acoustic resonance of the shell and a rubber head to create a natural sound that also triggers an electrical signal into an amplifier or sound module.  In other words, where traditional electric drums essentially work like a play button that when struck triggers a drum sound via a module, this drum creates it’s own electric-acoustic signal that can be directly plugged into an amplifier.
Since they are working on prototypes, they were looking at our 1/8″ thick recycled rubber product (or possibly one of our anti fatigue mats)  to use as part of the head of the drum which is the part that the drum strikes directly. This is very exciting as I’ve personally been to the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show several times and have gotten to see all kinds of new, cutting edge, and sometimes very strange musical instruments. For more information on their work over at Percussion Design LLC, feel free to visit
Stay tuned next week for a follow up on the prototype.

Mats Mats and More Mats!

loga mats, exercise mats, play mats, gymnastics mats... I see mats everywhere I go.“Thank you for calling! This is Chris, how can I help you?” 

Say that 10 times fast.  My whole life is mats.  I know we all take work home with us, but that usually applies to actual work or problems from work.  I find myself noticing our products (or similar) all over the place.  From the Marble Fatigue Mat at Costco to the Jumbo martial arts tiles at the DoJo by my movie theater and the carpet logo mats I see everywhere.  

I find myself inspecting various products to see if they are ours or if they compare.  Often, they are our products and unfortunately for the various businesses, many other times they are not our products and look pretty “cheap”.   One of these days I need give those business owners my business card and the opportunity to get a product that will last, and is most likely less expensive.  All I need is a little courage, because I’m not a very pushy person- It’s easier when I get to talk to you guys because I’m really just giving you more information on something you already want or need.

Am I the only one that finds themselves being an employee outside of work? I think it’s probably that it’s just become second nature- and maybe a little pride?  Every once and a while a friend or family member will say something about needing kneeling pads, or a yoga mat or something we carry and I find myself very eager to just start spewing all the information I know about those products and why ours are better than anybody else’s. What is that?!?!  Let’s be honest, mats aren’t the most fascinating thing to talk about but for some reason I’m progressively more aware of their existence.  Please tell me I’m not alone!  I know you can’t comment below…but feel free to call me (877.777.6287)! I’d love to hear your stories.

Armor Fatigue Anti Fatigue Mats

Armor Fatigue Anti Fatigue MatsThere is a huge selection of anti fatigue mats on the market today.  In this article, I would like to focus on one in particular, the The Armor Fatigue Mats.  Is this the best anti fatigue mat?  Well, that would depend on your need and how you intend on using the mat. 

The Armor Fatigue has a great balance of anti-fatigue properties, while also providing a durable top surface. The various pure foam anti fatigue mats on the market are great for situations where people may be standing for long periods and simply need for pure comfort.  However, when working with products that if dropped can damage a softer foam a mat with a more durable top surface, like the Armor Fatigue, is a great option… and it’s more cost effective than some of the more industrial mats.

As a sales representative for a mat company, I suggest the Armor Fatigue Mat to many customers who are price sensitive and want/need something relatively inexpensive with a bit of extra strength on the top of their anti fatigue mat. The denser layer of foam on top of the softer bottom layer is what gives it the perfect balance.

If you are on your feet all day and need some relief, an anti fatigue mat might do the trick.

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Which Anti-Fatigue Mat Is Right For Me?

I got a very interesting telephone call from a customer regarding a high-end lenses repair operation he just started. These are repairs for lenses from microscopes to telescopes… out of his detached garage! Shocked and alarmed, (I’ve tried disassembling a camera lenses before in less than perfect conditions and ended up with A LOT of dust caught in the camera, which resulted in a useless camera) the first borderline-annoyed question on my mind was “how can you work on, let alone repair, lenses in a garage?? Is it a finished garage? Is it a workshop? Really, that’s three questions, but you see, lenses require manufacture and service in fairly clean, sterile, dust free environments.  Any particle of dust that gets caught in the chambers of a telescope, microscope, or camera lenses can cause some serious headaches for the observer using it.  A trip to the Griffith Park Observatory (or any observatory really) would serve everyone well to understand just how precise, delicate, and magnificent these instruments are.
Our customer is a professional, however, and was calling us to see if we could provide a foam material with anti-fatigue qualities for himself and his staff that does not shed any of it’s particles from use.  When working they tend to stand for long periods of time and they wanted to be more comfortable.  With ease, we decided on any of the hard-topped anti-fatigue mats as opposed to the ones that are just pure foam. These being (to name a few) our Diamond anti-fatigue mat, Invigorator, and the K-marble anti-fatigue mat.  I strayed away from the Marble fatigue mat since I understand to be more prone to chemical wear than our vinyl.
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Anti Fatigue Mats Because Comfort = Productivity

Marble anti fatigue mats at salon stationsI went for my now monthly haircut at my local barber last Friday.  I’ll not name it since it’s faux pas to frequent the bigger chains for haircuts or so I’ve heard.  What was interesting to note, however, was that after the incessant and very cheery bashing of my hairstyle choice (mullets, it seems, are the thing of hillbilly’s, hooligans, and fellows of ill-repute), I couldn’t help but be surprised at how I almost didn’t notice the anti fatigue mats / salon mats posted at every single barbers’ station.

I’ve been told this over and over and over again that “Once you start working here (, you will scrutinize the type and style of mats EVERYWHERE YOU GO!”  Well, it certainly has rung true to the day. It’s like the first time you notice a car on the street and thereafter feel like you’re now seeing it and recognizing it everywhere.  It’s easy to under appreciate that these ladies (and gentlemen) are literally on their feet all day. They’ll get tired.  If they get tired, they’ll make mistakes.  My mop and mistakes are not two concepts I want hanging around each other. While my hairstyle choice may not be the ladies’ favorite (they’ll come around), I’m sure as hell glad that at least the marble fatigue mat (the most popular anti-fatigue mats for pharmacists and hair salons) allowed my stylist to be comfortable enough at 6:30pm at her station to not make my lady-killing mullet (yes I am growing out like I once did my beard) anything less than fabulous.

An anti fatigue floor mat may be just what you need (or if you are an employer, it may be just what your employees need) to enable you to be more comfortable and therefore more productive at work.  It’s definitely worth a try – don’t you think?

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Rubber Drainage Mats – Bar Anti Fatigue Mats

At no fault of my own, I was dragged to an 80′s looking, Double-Impact*-reminiscent bar called the… well, let’s not call out the bar itself.  Let’s just say it’s local (a bit TOO local), drinks are cheap, and I fear that at some point, I’ll make a biker there very angry which will promptly force me on my back (by way of bottle or fist) at some point in the evening. The really important thing to note, is that my bartender (let’s call him Justin) knows I sell mats for a living and likes to poke fun at me for it.  Most people find it VERY interesting that there is a dedicated website that sells all kinds of mats. 
The usual Thursday night rush poured in as we discussed his training (he is a very skilled Jeet Kune Do practitioner) and tunes when he was about a second away from taking a nasty spill… at least it seemed. Turns out that (like most bars and restaurants) he’s got rubber drainage mats to keep employees from slipping. I couldn’t see the bar anti fatigue mats, but like I mentioned in a previous post, once you see certain things, you can never un-see them. Now I realize that these things are literally IN EVERY RESTAURANT OR BAR I WALK INTO.  It wasn’t enough that I began to think about OUR martial arts mats while nerding out about Bruce Lee and Wing Chun, but as I took my last drink of the night, I was already thinking about the anecdote that had just materialized in my head from this outing.
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Soft Rubber Interlocking Tiles

Our SoftRubber Interlocking Tiles have become very popular since their release not very long ago.

For fitness areas where people are doing aerobics and other exercises but also want to have their fitness equipment in the same area these Soft Rubber Interlocking Tiles . They have a nice softer layer of foam that is protected on top with a thinner layer of rubber to stiffen up the tile.  So customers for home and larger commercial gyms can finally have a tile that gives both the anti fatigue properties to have a cushioned surface and not have their equipment sink into the tile.

For tradeshow events where people are tired of renting carpet or other types of trade show flooring for every show, soft rubber flooring is a great alternative.  Purchasing your own flooring will provide a cost savings, comfort and a unique appealing flooring surface.  For many tradeshow areas these softer interlocking tiles, which are a type of anti fatigue flooring, provide thousands of people with a nice cushioned surface to walk on, they are easy to install and look great.  Best of all, these anti fatigue properties don’t mean you have flooring that is too soft, the top rubber surface is stiff and can withstand heavier equipment if needed.

There are many other applications where these interlocking rubber flooring tiles are a great fit and we have gotten tons of positive feedback on how well they hold up, the ease of installation and improved look of the area.  As a sales representative at, our SoftRubber Tiles are one of my favorite products to sell because it really does fit a niche that was missing in the industry for so many years.

Who Knew? I Didn’t.

My name is Chris and I have been working for for almost two years.  Before working for this company, I had no idea there was such a demand for so many different types of mats!  It’s crazy… mats are literally everywhere!

Recently I’ve been talking to a lot of customers who are interested in purchasing anti fatigue mats for their homes, their employees and/or themselves.  Many of them, who are replacing their old fatigue mats, are shocked when they receive a quote from me - because they previously paid much more for the same or similar product.  I  can’t get over the amount of money people spend on these things.  They don’t need to be so expensive… at least not on our site.

At first, I thought an anti fatigue floor mat was an unnecessary expense.  Then, I decided to do a little research and I found out that there are tons of advantages to having an anti fatigue mat.  An anti fatigue mat can

  • Reduce spinal compression and increases circulation
  • Help minimize heat loss through feet
  • Minimize noise
  • Using an Anti Fatigue mat daily can make you less prone to sickness, stress and strainÂ

Now I know why doing dishes at home seems to stress me out.  My back hurts, my neck hurts, my legs hurt- it’s really just an uncomfortable task.  Prior to working here, I assumed it was just because I was hunched over, but fortunately, our Cushion Comfort mats fixed the problem.

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Antifatigue Matting: Be More Productive and Safer at the Same Time

Antifatigue Matting for the workplaceIf you are a business owner or manager the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to get your employees to work harder, make less mistakes and be safer at the same time may be antifatigue matting. 

Anti fatigue mats make the workplace more productive and safer by:

1. When workers are standing in one place for long periods of time back pain often results. Anti fatigue mats can eliminate or reduce the back pain and stress caused by standing for long periods of time.

2. Productivity is always a factor in the workplace. Fatigue mats can increase productivity by providing comfort to workers while they are doing their job.

3. When people are tired they tend to make more mistakes and more injuries often occur.  An anti fatigue floor mat can help prevent these mistakes, injuries and fatigue.

4. A padded mat or runner for workers to stand on can also provide unintended benefits, like a reduction in the glass and material that breaks when anything falls on the mats instead of the hard floor.

5. Antifatigue Matting at work will also help reduce the slip and fall injuries.  In fact, many insurance companies promote matting as one of the best solutions to slip and fall problems.

So, if you are an employee or owner of a factory, manufacturing facility, retail store or any other workplace where you or your employees are standing on your feet for long periods of time, anti fatigue matting is for you.  In short, these mats are the quickest and most affordable way to increase safety, reduce injuries and relieve employee fatigue and stress.

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Trade Show Floor – AntiFatigue Flooring That Looks Great Too!

Trade Show FlooringCustomers who are upset let you know it, but if someone is extremely happy with a product or service they generally don’t let you know it.  That wasn’t the case for  One customer, Jeffrey of ShelfGenie – Boston, wrote:

I recently purchased a 10×20 wood foam floor [wood film laminate] for our ShelfGenie HomeShow display trade show booth flooring.

We exhibited this at the Suburban Boston Home Show in Wilmington, Massachusetts.  The show was a great success.  Thousands of people came by our booth over a 3 day period, and hundreds of them walked on your floor to spend some time with us.  Several hundred more took a break from walking on the concrete floor and greatly appreciated resting their sore feet on the mat. 

We lost count of the number of people who asked us where we got our trade show floor.  It was at least several dozen – both consumers and other exhibitors.

The response to our booth flooring was so strong that it prompted me to write.


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