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Children’s Play Rugs

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

children's play matsMy kids have all grown up and while they were younger we sort of missed the many cool, children’s play rugs or mats, like the ones available today. Oh sure, there were some play mats, like play rugs for cars and other imagination igniting fun [I did the same thing, as a kid, but in the dirt…most kids, boys at least, still do] that they got to enjoy in pre-K and Kindergarten, but there are some really nice play mats and play carpets for kids to day; some for pure fun and enjoyment, some for educational purposes.

Take, for instance, the various mats and carpets with maps of the world or United States; educational rugs are designed to be fun and promote learning. You can even go with foam mats, like the foam tile world map, which is not only cool and educational, but also soft and safe to lay—or play—on.

Fitness Flooring Tiles

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

exercise matsI have been doing some home renovations today, and I often thought about how I would have LOVED to have a kneeling pad to preserve my knees!  I’ve been kneeling on hard, half-inch thick, cement board used as underlayment beneath ceramic tiles, and my knees are rather sore now.  I also think just one of these mini jumbo, EVA foam floor tiles would work well as a kneeling pad, as they are 2’ x 2’ square; the jumbo, 4’ x 4’, interlocking gym flooring tiles would be much too large for just kneeling on.

I know…these foam flooring tiles are not really intended to be used as kneeling pads, and are classified as exercise flooring, but let me tell you, when you’ve been on your hands and knees, on concrete sub-flooring [tile backer], for several hours, you begin dreaming about something—ANYTHING—softer to kneel, sit, crouch, and maybe even take a nap on!

Resistance Bands

Posted on: June 23rd, 2010 by

exercise productsYou gotta love the creative ways people come up with useful applications of surgical tubing! Take a look at the photo here of these resistance tubes, also sometimes called resistance bands, even though tubes are typically much stronger—and provide higher resistance—than mere bands. Of all the exercise products available, these are among the most versatile and useful.

You’ve seen surgical tubing used, undoubtedly, for those high-powered slingshots often called “wrist rockets.” The elastic tubing is terrifically strong, providing resistance perfect for a wide variety of workout situations. These are truly a must for the person serious about physical fitness whether aerobic or even strength training. I’d say these are as important to the cardio conscious individual as workout gloves are to the person “pumping iron.”

Kids Puzzle Mats

Posted on: June 23rd, 2010 by

children's play matsEven if you aren’t a daycare professional outfitting your establishment with various children’s play mats, but are a parent with a play room and young kids, you really ought to consider a large, world map made of foam puzzle pieces.  These tough, durable mats are not only comfy to stand, sit, and play on, they’re also easily cleaned, non-allergenic, non-toxic, and impervious to liquids…but they’re also really cool to look at and a great way for kids to learn names of continents and countries, along with the national flags of those countries!

And while you’re at it, check out the other cool mats, such as the foam ABC puzzle mats [my personal favorite].  Imagine your kids being able to spell their name(s) on the floor, like, “Kevin’s Room”—you might have to get creative on the apostrophe, but you get the idea!  Buy the whole alphabet, or enough of the right letters for your child to make a special message, like his or her entire name.  No matter how you “piece it together”, kids puzzle mats provide a soft, safe, durable surface on which your kids can learn and play.

Kneeling Pads

Posted on: June 22nd, 2010 by

anti-fatigue matsI’ve been working on our house the past few weeks, doing some home renovations, and I can tell you there’s been more than one occasion I could have used one of these anti-fatigue mats, such as a knee saver kneeling pad, while working on something lower to the ground! I realize some would say, “Ah, toughen up!” But I have since learned the better care you can take of your body in any situation, the longer you’ll last, and many more days to work—and be productive—you’ll see in the future, you know?

That’s what both commercial and industrial anti-fatigue mats are all about: reducing the effects of stress and strain on the human body, so as to increase productivity that would otherwise be lost to injury and fatigue, and kneeling pads are a great idea for preserving your knees. In fact, if you know someone who works a lot kneeling down, why not buy that person a kneeling pad for his or her birthday, for the holidays, or just because they’re not expensive, and are lightweight, making them hassle free for carrying along to the job.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: June 18th, 2010 by

mats catalogIf you’ve been browsing several types of mats offered here, do you know you can download the catalog for any an all of the mats and other such products offered here? So if you’re shopping only for anti-fatigue mats, you can pull up a PDF file [Adobe Acrobat] that shows all of variations of anti-fatigue mats; plus, you can download PDF files for all of our mats—too bad you can’t download the actual mats, right?

One of the great things about anti-fatigue mats is they come in so many styles, functions, and variations…from anti-slip mats that channel away liquids and grease, to industrial mats that have bubble top surfaces for exceptional comfort, called “bubble flex” mats.

Beautiful Door Mats

Posted on: June 18th, 2010 by

decorative door matsJust last night, while visiting the home of an acquaintance of a guy I was with, I noticed they had one of these beautiful door mats. In fact, the image here is the very mat they had on their doorstep! I was standing there with my buddy, and when I looked down, I said, “Hey! I write about these and other kinds of mats!” I was able to look more closely at the mat and was quite impressed how something of such simple beauty (I know; they’re not museum quality, but they do almost look to be too attractive for the front porch!).

If you’ve always gotten by with the old, black, welcome mats, which I think must “come” with every home built in the U.S, why not buy something that is not only durable and functional, but also decorative as well? Decorative door mats made of recycled rubber can’t be beat for looks and durability.

Eco Yoga Mats

Posted on: June 18th, 2010 by

yoga mats and propsIt seems, to me, only natural to want to endorse only eco-friendly products when you’re an enthusiast of yoga, with all of its implications and dedication to oneness with nature and the earth.

When you buy eco yoga mats like those pictured here, your mind can be put at ease, as these mats are manufactured from a newly-developed material comprised of carbon and hydrogen, and referred to as TPE [thermal plastic elastomer], containing no heavy metals, no PVC, no toxic materials used in production.

The mats have two different textured sides for comfort and versatility preferences, while always providing superb grip. The low compression foam also buffers between your body and the floor or ground to help eliminate bruising.

Exercise Mats and Flooring

Posted on: June 18th, 2010 by

cushioned flooringMost of us, when we’re working out, like to have some sort of cushioned flooring under our feet or our bodies when we do crunches, Pilates, etc. Even if we have to put down a piece of carpet, or workout in a carpeted area, it’s preferable to working out on a hard floor. If you’ve ever tried to perform crunches on a hardwood floor, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

If you were to install some interlocking foam exercise flooring in your personal workout area at home, you wouldn’t have to worry about buying—and storing—exercise mats, which are great for when you can’t or don’t want to put in permanent flooring; kind of like having an exercise mat that covers your entire room!

Playroom Flooring for Kids

Posted on: June 18th, 2010 by

children's play matsPlayroom flooring or interlocking floor mats can save you a lot of headache and hassle as a parent. Every parent knows what it’s like to have to clean up the messes kids invariably make on the floor; we’re talking spills here, mostly. The worst ones are on carpet! You have to stop what you’re doing, attempt to soak or wipe up the spilled…whatever…and then try to clean it out using carpet cleaner; usually a foam carpet shampoo.

You could avoid all of that if you put down some durable kids playroom flooring tiles in your kids game room or primary “hang out” area; even if you don’t go wall to wall with them. They make an excellent sound and vibration barrier. These interlocking floor tiles come in a variety of colors, are impervious to fluids, and non-allergenic, and provide superb protection and comfort kids to lounge on while playing; they even protect against injuries from falls. Is it any wonder many playgrounds now days have similar protection with soft, durable playground flooring?